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(I hope its okay to call you friend!). I’m so happy you’re here! I pray this blog will bring great encouragement and freedom in your life today. This area I share bits and pieces of my heart in hopes of encouraging all women around the world. Whether you’re in the stage of Motherhood, Being a Wife, Seeking Jesus, or even wanting to bring Natural Wellness in your life, this place is a great place for you. So grab yourself a cup of coffee and feel free to search the blog!


    K N I T T E D  W I T H  G R A C E.

Who is Knitted with Grace? How did it begin? Let me tell you a little of who Knitted with Grace is but before I do, first grab yourself a glass of tea or cup of coffee, while you’re at it I will bring doing the same. I’ll meet you back here to share about Knitted with Grace. Funny thing is, the blog was renamed and birthed in my heart when one day the Lord shared with me and revealed to me of Who He Is. Oh his rich deep love He has. Oh I wish I could sit at a coffee shop or on the couch and share the wonderful love he has for you. How we can so be free from our past. First I want you to know this….


The title Knitted with Grace was birthed in my heart while I was reading the Word going through some rough patches in my life. I felt unloved, unworthy, unsure of who I am. I was letting my past hurts and rejection take over. I tried to be somebody that I was not. I struggled with fear for so long… fear that captivated and isolated me in such a very dark place that seemed light was impossible. God said otherwise….

Knitted… Have you ever tried knitting before? Or seen what a knitting item looks like? It’s handcrafted with love, tightened pretty securely with interlocking features, & bonded well together. When broken you knit together for repairing, for healing.  For a long time I couldn’t wrap my head around how much his love for me was or how I felt like a mistake, because I was told over and over I was. I just couldn’t wrap my brain around it until I opened the Word and He laid it right there in my face. Such a gentle loving response he gave, a reassurance. I was knitted by my Heavenly Father in my mothers womb just as it is said in Psalm 139:16. Now thats a promise, thats truth and that cannot be broken. As for Grace… well… our Heavenly Father has so much grace for us it’s freely given it can’t be earned, his grace is sufficient for me, for you, for us. We don’t deserve Grace, but oh how he has deep rich love for us… his love is so wide so deep he gives grace. 2 Corinthians 12:9; Ephesians 1:6.

Many of us struggle with identity, reassurance, acceptance and living the woman-mommy-wife life. We seem to feel alone, let our past hurts and rejection get the best of us. But take heart dear friend, there is freedom, there is LOVE that conquers all. I wanted to write somewhere the struggles I too face but also bring encouragement and share bits & pieces of my heart with you. I wanted a place to connect. I am hoping & praying this blog encourages you, shines in some light on you’re beautiful face and directs you to Our Good Good Father! 77D81589-9A0F-42A1-9287-68DA6C56AB34