This sacred little place is where I write and share truth, encourage and help others learn the Word, live the Word and love the Word. This blog is a place to help deepen our walk with Jesus and receive encouragement for everyday wife, mom, even young adult life, along with natural wellness.

While you search the blog and get yourself familiar with it, there’s a new release that I just can’t help but share with you! A 9 day devotional on helping you be filled with what truly satisfies your craving soul. Helping us become who we are meant to become. Just click the image and it’ll take you right to it! No email required : )

Another great release that I am so excited to share with you is finally here! A simple guide covering ourselves, and our family, by praying over our mind, ears, eyes, heart, mouth, hands and feet. Click here, or the image, and get your free download. No email required : ) More free resources right at your fingertips on the “Free Resources” tab!

Let’s be friends and get to know one another!

Having a friend is always nice to have. But having a community, the one friend you can run to with tears, with advice, with help, with truth to speak into your heart, and one who is always willing to pray for you is the BEST one to have! We all strive for that friend. And this, my sweet friend, is why I created this sacred place for us! To connect. To grow. To uplift one another. Encourage one another. To be there when you feel no one else is (plus Jesus). Let’s be friends! Come meet me and get to know me! I’d love to get to know you!