Ornaments + Toddlers | What Was I Thinking? |

Holidays came all to fast! Don’t you agree? I know I was pretty much ready to put my tree up after having it since November 1st! I know crazy me right?! I thought so too! Isn’t it funny how us mom’s picture a beautiful tree with nice cute little ornaments. The time spent decorating the tree you hear your toddler running around then BAM a complete stop as they see a tree full of lights and full of little “toys.” As a child they have the intentions to grab and destroy ha! They don’t mean to but sometimes us parents, mothers especially, get too carried away on the tree. I admit I was once that mom, until I really realized “What Was I Thinking?” Yes we may want to have a beautiful home with a nice looking tree in the front window for drivers to see, but we are forgetting one thing. Us mom’s only get to enjoy our little ones shortly. They grow so fast its unbelievable. Toddlers eyes see a tree with lights all over shiny as can be with amazing “toys” on the tree, they can’t help but grab and play. Thank goodness we had shatterproof ornaments this year, last year was a wreck!

Always remember to enjoy those moments, not every mom gets to experience a tree with all ornaments on the top while the bottom of the tree is empty. Its these little things that we should cherish. Maybe when our children grow up, us parents can celebrate Christmas at their house and take ornaments off just to make a laugh out of it 🙂



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