Encourage, Support, Uplift A Mom

What a beautiful warm sunny day it is here in Texas. My little one wanted to watch Inside Out (If you have not seen it, its pretty cute you should) so here I am, as I am sitting down taking a break from house cleaning something came to my mind. I could not just let this go, it was on my heart. Mom’s always seem to criticize one another instead of supporting one another. “Being a stay at home is for lazy moms.” or “Working moms is for those who don’t want to be around their children.” These comments is just mind blown!

I was once a working mom, I had no choice at that time. I did miss few things from my oldest, I wasn’t able to see all of her first things, day cares did. But in order to support and give my child what she needed  and a good living I had no choice but to work. Now with my second child I am beyond grateful to be a stay at home mom. I felt the calling God gave me to do this. I believe it is a calling for some of us mom’s.

Many mom’s (people in general) down stay at home moms and even working moms, it breaks my heart knowing us as moms need to stand together. People think stay at home mom’s have it easy, well we don’t. We don’t just sit around like most people think. We clean all throughout the day, prepare the kitchen for all meals, organize the house after kids leave it looking like a tornado hit, get our other kids, help with homework, the list goes on and on. Yes, I admit not everyday is easy, its very difficult I sometimes want to pull my hair out or even feel like I’m not the perfect mom. But God made me the perfect mom for my children. We may not understand how to parent or be the right woman, maybe even mom or wife, but if you read Proverbs 31 it gives a pretty good description of how to be.

Stay at Home mom’s hear Baby talk all day, have no adult interaction until the husband comes home from work, always at home, hearing wines and cries all day. You sometimes forget how to talk with adults believe it or not. But you know I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Seeing everyday new little things is the biggest blessing I could have ever received. You may think stay at home mom’s have it made but stay at home moms wish to be like working moms and by that I mean working, having income, getting out of the house, not having to clean so much, etc. Even working mom’s also wish to be stay at home moms so they can see their children more often, not have the stress from work, be more involved, but some are unable to.

There is nothing wrong with being a working mom, i’ve been there once before. And there is nothing wrong with being a stay at home mom.

I use to think its selfish of me to walk into the store without the girls sometimes (of course my husband will watch them lol), but honestly us moms do need a small break every now and then. Run a small errand or maybe even to get groceries and actually pay attention to what we grab. Instead of downing a mom we need to support one another, help one another, give each other a hand when in need. Our loving father made us each unique. Don’t compare yourself with another mom, each mom is called to do different things.

Whether your a working mom or a stay at home mom, a big high five to you! You are still a great mom!

Remember, every mom is doing the best they can for their kid(s).

Take the challenge to help a mom who needs a hand. Encourage them with some encouraging words. Give them something to smile about instead of downing them. You’re a good mom! Be strong and hang in there! Being a mom is not easy but it’s worth everything, with God all things are possible! I pray blessings shower upon you and your family, may you be blessed during this year!

Click here to get your prayer for mom’s.


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