Oils? What is this I hear?

What is all the fuss about?

Okay so you keep hearing and seeing all about Essential oils. Have you wondered what these people are talking about? Have you considered of trying? Well if you have been interested and wanting to learn more about these I would be more than happy to provide a class for you and anyone else who would love to join. Here are the topics I cover:

Introduction to Young Living Essential Oils

  • What essential oils are
  • How they are made
  • Different grade levels of oils
  • How they can be used
  • Are they safe for children and much more!

I know you are probably thinking, “yea right.” I’ve been there. I was once a skeptic but now I’m a true 100% oiloholic. My family and I use essential oils for basically everything now ever since what happened. click here….

Once we had seen the amazement, the wonderful things it brought to our family we decided to stick to it. We have not looked back since then. I always provide online classes through Facebook, email, etc. to help educate others, so they can see for themselves what the fuss is all about.

If you would like to join a class, feel free to sign up here to schedule a online class and begin to learn about the wonderful benefits it brings.


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