A Little Tip For Thieves

Wow I can’t believe how beautiful the sun is shining today! Today makes me miss and want spring to hurry and come! Although I’m not ready for allergy or sinuses to come but I am ready for that perfect weather! Sandals, capris, no jackets just a nice beautiful sunny perfect weather day!

Today we woke up to our little one having fever and catching a cough! Well guess what this momma did?! I grabbed my oils  to help fight those germs!


Have you tried or heard of thieves? Oh it’s wonderful if you haven’t! The smell is oh so beautiful too! I quickly grabbed the young living thieves all purpose cleaner I made. I clean just about EVERYTHING with this (please be sure to test a small patch before cleaning the whole area). I cleaned quite a bit to kill any germs or bacteria in my home! (Thieves is a wonderful oil to help fight, you should read on it). I then grabbed my diffuser to diffuse thieves, eucalyptus Globulus and eucalyptus radiata. Those 3 oils help tremendously with coughs or any respiratory infection/problems. But before I had put oils in it I had seen how yucky it was from my other oils before.


Joy, Peace & Calming, Cedarwood, and all the others that are yellow colors will stain your diffuser if not cleaned after each use. I was so tired yesterday I didn’t bother to clean and well this happened. But don’t worry it cleaned real good after I did this. It looks brand new and the way it diffuses now looks so beautiful!


I sprayed the diluted thieves (in the spray bottle) into the diffuser, let it sit for a minute or so than scrubbed it with the diffuser scrubber it comes with. I rinsed with lukewarm water and scrubbed once more. If you don’t have the scrubber that’s okay you can use a Qtip.


Now it’s all clean! You now can diffuse those oils to help your little ones! Having respiratory junk is no fun! If it irritates us as adults imagine how our children feel. The amazing thing about young living essential oils is you can apply however many times. You won’t get overdosed lol! (Be sure to check with your up line and read more on the brand of oils you use. I only use Young Living so all my posts are strictly for young living no other brand.)

Want to know how to make a all purpose cleaner? It’s very simple! You’ll need the following items:

•Thieves household cleaner, Water, Spray Bottle, Labels (Only if your wanting to label it)

Add 1 teaspoon of Thieves household cleaner into the spray bottle, then fill the rest with water and your done! This all purpose cleaner is amazing you’ll see what an amazing difference it makes when cleaning with this!

Try the Thieves mouthwash! It feels very fresh once your done! Even the Thieves floss!  We never use to be big fans of thieves but now we are!!