Is It Possible To Have Joy During All Seasons?


OH JOY!!! Joy can be so wonderful in our daily lives. Days can be gloomy, days can be perfect and some days can even seem the worst but it can be possible to carry joy through all seasons or storms you face! I am very excited to begin the Finding Joy Bible Study Online Class. It will be free and held on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This class begins March 1, 2016 and open to anyone who would like to join. If you would like to join the Facebook Group that is held for closer connection, deeper study and so much more be sure to join here. All throughout my journey and roads I have been on, I have learned Joy is very much possible in all storms you face. We will go through a deep study all you will need is:

  • Your Bible, or Bible App which ever you use the most
  • Highlighter
  • Pen
  • Journal – For taking notes

This class will be throughout the month of March and will be held here on the blog but also for more deeper interaction and more understanding or questions those will be held on the Facebook Group as mentioned above. We learn how to memorize verses, tips on verse mapping and so much more. Be sure to click here if you’d like to download the Tips on how to memorize the verses.

If you would like to attend this free online bible class be sure to come back on March 1st and join the Facebook Group if you’d like to.

Imagine how it could be if you tuned off the negative and flipped the switch to Joy.


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