Lets Seek

Tuesday March 1, 2016


Good Morning I can’t believe today is the First day of the Finding Joy Bible Study! I hope you are excited just as I am. Lets take a minute and discuss what Joy really is. Joy is not a emotion like happiness. Instead Joy is a fulfilling experience The Lord gives us. Its continuous. First and foremost we need to understand our minds think negative all that time. That’s just part of being human, but once we retrain our mind with our Lords truth that’s when Joy begins to come in our lives. Happiness is just a feeling our human flesh wants, must see, must feel but with Joy it’s spiritual its given and we must hold onto it to never let any one steal it from us. Joy is to rejoice, shine, be bright. We will go deeper as we continue this study. Now grab your journal, your pen and bible and lets begin!


In your journal let’s begin to write these answers down to these questions:

  • Why do you want joy in your life?
  • How can joy help you?
  • What is stealing or holding you back from having joy?
  • Have you accepted our Lord and Savior and have you allowed to sit in his presence?

Reread your answers once you jotted those down.

Now lets continue. First we must seek him, find him before we do anything else. You cant have Joy if first you haven’t accepted him, but also if you haven’t searched for him.

Here is the memory verse but also the verse for today!

Seek the LORD while he may be found; call on him while he is near.” Isaiah 55:6

Take a minute and call upon the LORD. Here is what I do:

I clear my mind and thoughts, I stay in a quite place so that I may feel his presence and have no interruptions, I clear out my heart and open up my heart. What do I mean by clearing out your heart?

Well if you have any sin you may have done today or 50 years ago you still must ask for forgiveness and repent that sin, let it out, say it out loud, do so now so that your heart may be clear and allow God to enter in your heart. Rest, imagine a beautiful place and stay there, he will show up.

Now study this verse, Isaiah 55:6.

Seek what does it mean to seek? We must seek, search, find, look for him. We must draw near to him so he may draw near to us. Seek with your whole heart.

Break the rest of the words down, look them up on dictionary.com or your app on your phone/tablet. Replace this verse with those words you’ve searched and see how alive this verse can come to be. If you are needing help understanding this verse please don’t be afraid to ask I would love to help in anyway I can.

Now the last part for today is take 10 minutes (sometimes the lord has you sit there longer so be patient) out of your day today and sit in his presence, begin to seek him and begin to get close to him, don’t leave that area until he speaks to you. You will then feel something wonderful once this is done.

Today’s lesson: You must seek Him, clear your heart and mind to focus on Him.


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