We Must Learn To REST

Thursday March 3, 2016


Rest, it can be so easy but yet so hard to find in this day and age. Phones ringing, kids screaming, husband talking, emails going off, house needs cleaning, kitchen needs to be prepared for dinner, so many things on our lists. We need to take a moment to rest, always thank him, put him first in our lives before we do anything else. We all face storms some hard some not so hard. God gives us storms to test our faith, our trust, how we will handle the situation. Grab your journal, pen, highlighter and bible, lets answer these:

  • Have you been through any storms?
  • How did you see it as?
  • Were you of anger, impatience, happy with the storm, joyful, patient or maybe you just felt sad or alone?
  • Did you get through the storm and if so what did you do to get through it?

After learning to SEEK him, we must next REST in him. Resting isn’t meaning to lay around, be lazy, not do a thing. Lets look at a definition of rest.

REST: Staying in the same position, unwind, peace, and my favorite…. RECOVER STRENGTH. Oh isn’t that so good? Recover strength. When we are in storms we tend to become weak, or what I mean is our human flesh becomes weak. But did you know your spirit is very much stronger than our human flesh, God does not put us through a situation and leave us no, he never leaves us. {Deuteronomy 31:6}

Take a minute and thank him for the storms you went through, thank him for the faithfulness he endured, for making you who you are today. Lets study this verse:

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28.

Lets research these words: Come, Weary & Burdened. Grab your dictionary or grab your phone to search on the app.

Now what have you seen in the dictionary?

Come: approach, draw closer, nearer

Weary: tiredness, worn out, burnt-out, drained

Burdened: a load, something weighing you down

Now look at the verse like this: “Draw closer to me, all who are tired and being weighed down, and I will give you rest (meaning peace).”

Now what does peace mean? Freedom, calm

Take a few minutes out of your day, allow God to enter in your heart, sit in his presence, but REST. Rest in his presence, allow him to talk to you allow his presence to fill you. This is a very important lesson, in order to have joy in our lives we must learn to do the lessons I am providing for you all.

Here’s a little tip: How do I rest? Well I think of a beautiful place (with soft music in the background) that is very relaxing. Once I find that place I stay there and call upon The LORD and just sit with him, wait for him allow him to tell me what HE wants to say not what I want to ask of him.

Today’s Lesson: To rest in his presence, to sit with him allowing him in. Sitting quietly and learning to REST.

Today’s Prayer: I pray for those who are facing storms or in a storm, let them know they are not alone you are here with us. I pray for Our Lords presence to fill the area your at and allow him to touch your heart, help us to rest in your presence so we may connect with you on a deeper level. Thank you for being ever so good to us In Jesus Name, Amen.

This week I hope for you to learn to Seek and Rest as next week we will be going more into detail on Finding Joy. Apply these lessons to your every day life, you then will see a change.


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