Joy Comes In The Morning….


How wonderful is it to know when we wake up in the morning we already have JOY!! We must choose to live in joy rather than anger, impatience, frustration, bitterness well you get the picture. Good Lovely Morning to you all! Its so peaceful here, cloudy, light rain oh how amazing. Just the other day it rained so much my two daughters have a strawberry plant, while the rain nourished it and fed it we saw the most delicious red strawberry pop up. Both my girls faces were so priceless, it filled my heart with Joy!

Today, in our lesson I wanted to talk about something else, but the Lord is leading me to this particular lesson. Retrain our Minds to His Truth…. Grab your bible, pen, highlighter and journal and lets begin!

Lets begin to ask these questions:

  • Do you always seem to think negative?
  • Is there always a negative thought that pops up?
  • Do you doubt who you are and who Christ is?
  • Do you intend to get into your emotions?

Pray over your answers, be sure to write them all down, take your time.

Now lets move on… From the moment we open our lovely eyes, Joy always comes in the morning. Its a gift The Lord gives us but it is up to us to keep it or lose it. You may be running late, didn’t have time for coffee, or maybe spilled coffee on your clothing and had to change, maybe your dog tore up your shoes, woke up and stepped on a toy your little one left the night before, wake up to a flat tire, forgot to put gas or maybe you just got the worst call by losing your job. Remember, its not the end, this is the beginning of a new door God is opening. Don’t let your human mind trick you into becoming angry at the world and everyone, becoming bitter, or shutting yourself out. Instead lets retrain our minds on Him and His truth.

Our Lord does not put us through something we aren’t able to handle. Instead of seeing these small situations bad, lets stop and REST in his presence for a minute and ask him to come into your heart and mind and give you His Truth. In order to know his truth we must read read read and study study study His Word, meaning the bible. We can NOT know his truth if we do not read daily and get into his word. We also must give our day to Him the moment we wake up, we must thank him for his goodness (this will be on the next lesson).

Open your bible and lets turn to Philippians 2:2. Lets look at these verses and read them. Study this verse, pray over it. “Then make my joy complete by being like-minded, having the same love, being one in spirit and one of mind.” –Philippians 2:2

We must have minds like christ. We must love like Christ loves us, we must be patient just as he is patient with us, we must see everyone as he sees them, we must forgive others over and over again just as he does with us. We must stop our negative thoughts and begin to retrain our minds to Him. Here is a small exercise I would love for you all to do:

If you happen to catch yourself becoming doubtful, becoming upset, getting irritated or maybe impatient I would like for you to see that coming before you even do something you later will regret, stop, walk away, ask The Lord to come in and start praying. Take a deep breath, relax and stand in His presence. We must also tell our minds “I am not to be angry, Im not to be upset over small things, I am not going to doubt because I am a daughter/son of the most high God and he is bigger and better.”  We have to stop our minds from thinking wrong, wanting to do wrong, we must fight our minds. This is a battle and it must be defeated.

The enemy loves when we doubt, get under a shell, start to worry or become upset, but once he sees we  have the power to retrain our minds on HIS (The Lords) TRUTH and focus on Him before we start to get into those emotions the enemy will fear away from us! So remember on this one, we must stop and interrupt our minds and begin to speak life and truth in ourselves in order to have His Complete and Fulfilling Joy.

I know this lesson is a bit longer than the others but this one is so so important we must learn to do this in order to continue to carry our joy daily 🙂

Have you retrained your mind? Have you stopped yourself from thinking or getting into your emotions? Lets begin today with the exercise i mentioned above.

Today’s Prayer: “Lord, I come to you in prayer with an open heart to help us be more like you and less of us. Help us to see others as you see them, to have a mind of spirit and not of human flesh. Lord you are ever so good to me and I am forever grateful. I come to you and ask for help, I need your help to retrain my mind so that I may no longer be in myself but in you, may the holy spirit keep leading me and helping me in every way. Thank you Lord for all you do, In Jesus Name Amen.” 


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