Praise Will Ever Be


Oh this wind is awful, dust flying everywhere allergies coming and going. Thats spring for you! I hope your enjoying the Spring, Easter is just a few days away. It sure came by fast this year! We are on our last day of the Finding Joy bible study. Although this Bible Study ends today doesn’t mean it has to end daily. We must apply it daily to our lives.

Lets see what we talked about: I. Seek-we must learn to seek him, search him, find him. II. Rest-resting in his presence, quietly, awaiting for him to answer. III. Trust-learning to trust him with everything we have. IV. Retrain our Minds-we have to retrain our minds from the way the human mind wants to think, the way the enemy wants us to see and focus on his truth! V. Serving Others-serving others, helping others, putting others needs before our own. VI. Thankful-Learning to be thankful is very important also, we have to learn to be thankful even in our storms we are in because our Father has bigger better plans for us. VII. Worship-Worshipping is so beautiful, lifting our voices to the Lord, showing our love we have for him. The last lesson…

VIII. Praise. Do you know the meaning of praise? Do we understand it? Praise is to express. Its very similar to worship, when we praise we begin to worship they follow along with one another. Praise is when we begin to show, express our admiration, our love towards him, our thankfulness then worship begins to follow along when we begin to pray or shout out to The Lord with a joyful heart. Lets turn to this song. You may have heard it, “Ever Be” click here to turn to the song. Its such a beautiful song, lyrics are also on the screen to help you hear what it says.

This verse is for this lesson: “I will praise you, Lord my God, with all my heart; I will glorify your name forever.” -Psalm 86:12

Praise is much easier to do than worship. If we put on worship music, listen with our hearts begin to worship and praise. Worship happens to be within our heart, who we are. We must surrender ourselves, humble ourselves search within our heart. Its alone time with you and God. We have to ADORE him for who he IS not for what he has done. Worship is a bit more challenging than praise!

As for Praise you can praise him through dancing, music shouting with joy. Its recounting what God has done for us. Praising in a joyful and thankful manner. Isn’t that so wonderful?!

Did you know when we do all these things, have obedience, such as the lessons I have taught we get rewards for our Father? It can be peace during trails, peace in our loss, forgiveness, strength, joy during sorrow? How amazing is that?? Not only do we get joy but we also get other things. We must fight to keep our joy, we must hold onto our joy once we have it. No matter what we face, what we go through we must learn to choose joy! Don’t let the enemy win and steal your joy, don’t allow him to make you think less of yourself or the situation your in. Always remember these lessons we went over, but also remember the situations your in are temporary not permanent. And the situations you are in is what will make you at the end. God is always there holding your hand, hang onto his hand and TRUST, retrain your mind, praise, worship and Choose Joy!


If you are facing or going through something you feel alone, please know you are NOT alone. I would love for you to join the next bible study, Armor of God with Priscilla Shirer. I read the first lesson and I must tell you it is a very powerful one. I would love for you to join with me on this if your facing your past, spiritual warfare whatever it is this bible study is for you! You can get the book here.

I hope you enjoyed this bible study Finding Joy, i pray it touches you daily and joy continues to stay within you.


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