Wonderfully Made

Looking out my window writing this, I see my grass beginning to turn green, my flowers happy and blooming all thanks to the beautiful rain God has sent to us. Don’t you just love how awesome our father is by always providing? I know I do!

Have you ever heard those harsh awful words; “I don’t know why you were born?” Or maybe you heard “I wish you were never born!” or “You weren’t made with love.” “you were a accident.” Maybe you were made fun of almost all your life because of your skin, hair, hearing, talking, clothes, etc. There are numerous of harmful words that scar the inside. Why would these words come out the mouth in the first place? Most of the time its from anger, when in anger you say things that you don’t mean. Jealousy, jealousy is very harmful when you envy someone else. It could even be to fit in the “crowd.”

Believe it or not I use to get laughed at, joked at, called ugly names and it wasn’t very fun. Those scars soon healed, I learned to just go along with it but before I would change my identity, my outer appearance because I was tired of being laughed at or called this awful name I still remember til this day. Being a young preteen girl with some curly curly hair thick hair that would bust ponytails left and right, the bristles on the brush would break the headaches you would get from the thickness heaviness and curlines of hair even when humidity comes your hair begins to look like lion king believe it or not lol! I laugh now but in those young ages I never laughed it hurt inside. I would cut my long thick hair to try and make it not so awful but ended up worse than what it was before, I would go to a salon and get my hair permantely straightened so I wouldn’t have to deal with the curls anymore. I got tired of being laughed at or walking down the hallway and my real name never being used just that awful name. When I began to change my outer appearance I realized it wasn’t making me happy instead I was trying to make the world happy. I didn’t bother to look at how God created me this way how I should love that he knitted me together in his image. It wasn’t until my older years when I realized it. Many may feel helpless or hopeless, but I will tell you:

I have some good news for you, did you know that you are NOT a mistake? You were made with LOVE? That you are perfect the way you were made? With every single scar, freckle, hair line going crazy you are perfect the way you are! Before we were even created in the womb our father was already preparing our life. He knew the exact hour and day we were going to be conceived and then born. How amazing is that?! I say pretty darn amazing! You want to hear something more amazing??? God loves you so much, more than your little mind can wrap around, he created you for a purpose. He brought you into this earth for a reason, although you may not see it just yet, soon you will. You are loved when at times you think you aren’t, you are very much loved. You are NO MISTAKE, god does not make mistakes. He wanted you on this earth for a very good reason. You are PERFECT the way you are made, yes thats very true. Sometimes we think we aren’t perfect because of the worldly things that surround us. We begin to think, “I’m not pretty enough, smart enough, tall enough, short enough, etc.” We begin to change ourselves because we aren’t happy with being perfect the way god made us we let the people fill our minds with lies, and not the truth from our father. He made us in HIS image, with his love. Psalm 139:13 says he knitted us together in our mothers womb.


We praise him, because we are wonderfully made, we are made with awe! We are made with love, we are made with HIS perfect love. You are not who others say you are, you are who GOD, our living god, says you are. You are HIS child, you are his inmost being, you are his breath, you are a part of his heart, you ARE LOVED, perfect the way God created you, you are NO mistake, you are everything to our father. Know that you are important and your life matters. I have created this image for a wallpaper on your phone so each time you look down you see you are HIS CHILD made with love! 🙂 Feel free to save the image and set as your background or send to someone who needs to see this today. May your day today and your days ahead be blessed and filled with joy!


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