We Have Been Blessed

We have prayed, and our prayers have been answered. We have been told we weren’t able to have another, after we have tried we did give up. We lost all hope and began to lose faith. I had been doing Young Living essential oils for quite some time, but never did I think this…

We had done some research, read up on a few things and we began to see these two oils that could help.


Dragon Time and Progessence Plus, they both have done amazing things, but of course I can’t give them all the credit. I began to use these two oils to help get my body back in balance, it happened to be out of balance.

One night my husband and I prayed, like we normally do, and we asked God to take over this situation, we opened our heart and spoke how we felt. We did leave it in God’s hands that night, we didn’t stress or even worry about it we felt this awesome peace come over us. The next morning as I was about to reach for our fridge door God gave me this visual. I am about to tear up right now as I am writing this, the visual was so meaningful and beautiful to me, still is. I was walking through my kitchen with a big belly.

I thought oh my gosh, could this be?! I called my husband right away and we both were shocked!

It stayed like that for a few months, I continued to apply the oils for my body to be back to balance, than I began to get my speech going. January I had a speech to speak in front of other women, of course I was a nervous wreck. Once I did that speech a lady, someone I do not know, came up to me and told me God was going to bless me like I wouldn’t believe.

Two days later…. we found out we are expecting!


I want to let you know, do not lose hope, do not let go of your faith. God is so amazing and loves you! We gave those two oils a try because without them my body would be out of balance and unable to conceive, but now here we are Waiting 3 more months until she arrives!

Hold onto faith, trust in our father, try these two oils (dragon time, and progessence plus) out (click here to read on more on Oils) and continue to press into God’s word! Pray! I would love to partner in prayer with you, I have been there and know how it feels to get those devastating words that crush your heart. Know our God is much bigger 🙂

How can I pray for you?


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