Welcoming Our Little One

September 8th we welcomed our little blessing into this world! This chaotic crazy world. We had never thought she would come or that we would be blessed with another child. We prayed for a year for this baby… and here she is. She is now 3 months old and its been the best 3 months I’ve ever seen.

Dirty diapers, sleepless nights, nursing constantly, clothes being outgrown like crazy, but you know I wouldn’t trade it for the world. God has granted us a child, another little girl and we are so grateful.

We named her Elizabeth, because she brings peace and restores our family back together. She has brought great joy, gosh I love how wonderful our Father is. He’s so good you guys! He answers prayers. Never give up. Ask. Seek. Knock. -Matthew 7:7. Never stop, continue the prayers, keep holding onto faith and keep asking.

Here I tried taking a “newborn” shoot, don’t judge lol. I tried. It was a bit difficult. I give you great props for newborn photographers because oh goodness it was hard for me to get her to position this and it only lasted for a second ha!


Welcome to this crazy beautiful world our precious Elizabeth!

This pregnancy was a challenge, but a wonderful challenge. It was by far the best delivery I ever had. I experienced so much in this, but I continued to keep my eyes on the Lord. He kept every promise.


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