A mom who got exploded on!

Wow! This New Year sure was hilarious and made me remember how babies sure can do an explosion!

We spent the New Year with my in laws, we got there and I immediately began drinking coke. Which was a awful decision by the way! I drank the cokes like I’ve never had one before, I have it’s just been a few years. You see I would get very sick before from drinking Dr. Pepper, I was 16 years old when I went to the ER because of this horrible side pain. Come to find out caffeine don’t do so well with me. Dr. Pepper was my BFF! Literally! I would drink it all day from the moment I woke up to the moment I shut my eyes.

Do you ever wake up at night so thirsty wanting water? Oh gosh I do! Now I drink tons of water but before I would get up when I needed a drink at night, and grab a Dr. Pepper. How awful right?

So when I drank those cokes I was drinking them like a Dr. Pepper, just for that day. But when I did my little one, who I currently breastfeed, began to have tummy problems. She had this awful discomfort and this cry, I began to cry seeing her in pain. I felt horrible. So I began drinking water and immediately grabbed my Young Living Essential Oil. Tummy. All this is is a mixture of young livings v-6 oil and DiGize into a roller bottle. I applied it on her tummy and bottoms of her feet.


Within minutes her discomfort went to feeling better and well that’s how this momma got an explosion on her! We had to change her diapers three times and her clothing. And me well I was dressed decent for New Years, well that had to be changed because she exploded all over me. I will tell you she felt much better and she was a very happy baby! We love our Young Living essential oils, do you?


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