Pressing Pause


Have you ever watched a movie at home and had to use the restroom? Or had to get a snack and drink? You did not want to miss what was about to happen so you push that pause button. I know one time I was watching a movie with my daughters when one of them just could not wait until the end of the movie, she had to use the restroom. So of course we had to pause the movie so she wouldn’t miss it.

Have you been to the movie theatres to watch that certain movie you’ve been longing and waiting for? You know that movie that showed the previews a year ago and it’s finally here! While your waiting in line to buy your ticket you get so excited wondering what this movie will be about or how its going to end. Then you grab your ticket and get in line to get snacks. The popcorn, pickle and coke, am I right? Oh and don’t forget the candy! So then you enter the dark theatre searching for some good seats…. Than bam you see the best seat and rush to it! Previews have started and your already eating that buttery delicious popcorn and slurping on that coke. But wait oh no that coke is almost done…. The movie hasn’t even started yet! The movie begins and your out of coke, you decide okay I can wait for a refill. All of a sudden you have to use the restroom and can’t wait. After all that coke you just had during the previews, now you have to get up miss the movie you’ve been longing for and run to the restroom. There is no pause in theatres. You come back and miss a big important part that connected to the whole movie, now what? You get lost in that movie and try to figure out what happened.

See the point here? Pause is very important in our lives. If we don’t stop and pause for a moment, reconnect with Jesus we become lost in the moment. We become weak.

  • What does Pause mean? Pause means to temporarily stop, to rest. Hebrew word for Pause is SelahSelah is used in the book of Psalm. When its used its being used as to pause. Have you ever paused, stopped what your doing and just rest?  Matthew 6:6 says “But when you pray, go into your room and shut the door and pray to your Father who is in secret. And your Father who sees in secret will reward you.” We must pause and go pray in secret. Sit quietly, talk with our Father and just sit in His presence. Pause our life, pause our “business” and sit with Jesus.
    • What keeps you from pressing Pause?
    • What is distracting you?
    • What can you eliminate from your day to Pause and Rest with Jesus?
  • Jesus withdrew from the disciples to go in secret to kneel and pray. Open up your bibles and read Luke 22:39-46.
    • Where did Jesus go out and pray?
    • To whom was he praying to?
    • Why did he need to go out and pray?
    • What makes it important to pause in a quite place instead of a loud place?
  • When your pressing pause you’re Resting with Jesus. Your gaining His strength, focusing on Him. A time came to me when someone was talking ugly towards me. Name calling, bullying, bashing and just trying to get me to be ugly back. As I was gathering myself I paused for a moment. I walked away from my phone and began to sit on the mattress. I began to pray and cry to our Father. As I was doing that the Holy Spirit was taking over and I began praying blessings on those people who cursed me. I prayed with love. When I got done pressing pause, resting with Jesus I felt so strong afterward. I felt great, I had the strength to get through the rest of the day! You see, pressing pause on our lives isn’t just pause. Its getting yourself together, getting the strength you need from Jesus. Its getting you prepared before the day begins. Its helping you remember who you are in Christ.
    • Have you ever pressed pause on a certain situation? If so, what did you do?
    • How would you react towards this situation that occurred?
    • Why do you think its important to pause and rest with Jesus?
  • I ask for you to press pause daily in your life. I ask that you get up earlier, maybe 15 minutes earlier than you do. Before you check social media, text messages etc. spend your quality time with Jesus, and see how your day will be. See how just resting in the morning gives you strength throughout the day. Pause when a situation occurs and go to a quite place and pray for that situation. Sit and have Jesus enter in that room and see the miraculous change that occurs. Pause when it gets too rough… pause when your life seems busy. Pause! Its a great weapon against the enemy!

Needing prayer? I would love to partner in prayer with you!


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