Crochet Pattern-Scarf

Doesn’t this scarf look stunning? I love how this scarf came out, the wonderful crochet! I love to crochet its a good way to help me relax and get some new things in my closet ha!


This crochet pattern is easy for those who have experience in crocheting! I fell in love with this stitch, its called the V stitch. This was a christmas gift for my grandma. She loved it! Plus the color is her favorite so it made it more special to her. The picture doesn’t do it justice. In person it looks far more better. Here is the free pattern for you! What you’ll need:

  • Bulky yarn of your choice
  • N hook I believe its a size 9mm
  • A needle to seal the ends
  • 2 buttons of your choice

This scarf was suppose to be a infinity scarf BUT I came up with the idea of making it into a scarf that can be worn in many different ways! The good thing about this scarf is it can be measured however! Its all up to you. I measured mine approx. 80 inches in length. There is no right or wrong way.

Keywords: dc (double crochet), ch (chain)

Lets get started!

I began making my chain by having 19 than in the 4th chain from the hook I did a dc now ch 1 and dc in the same ch. *Skip two chains and then in the next ch do a dc, ch 1, dc in the same ch.  Repeat 3 more times from * to end, then in the last ch, work 1 dc, ch 1, 1 dc in the same ch. Turn, ch 3 and dc, ch 1, dc in each of the chain 1 spaces from the previous row (center of each “V”).  At the end of the row, finish with a dc in the last space (ch 3 turning space).
Repeat row 1 until your desired length.

Weave in ends. Be careful to not stitch together because it’ll turn into a infinity scarf. We want this scarf to be worn many different ways. Now grab your buttons and add on the bottom of the scarf and you’re finished!


Here is how it can be worn…


Enjoy your new scarf!

*Please do not sell the pattern, this is a free pattern for all*


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