A Day On The Beach

Busy day it was the other day! Lots of screaming and crying from my little ones. Some days seem perfect, no arguments, no toys thrown, no food hand prints on clothes… while some days just seem so long!

20479995_763517340476004_3973146407995433517_nThese past few weeks have been very hard, but as I kept praying I kept hearing The Lord say, “Rest, Stop & Trust.” Whoa!! That hurt. Continually I wanted to fix things, mend a relationship, fix brokenness. UAs I went to the beach the other day (by the way I went in the early morning and it was the best time to go) I just felt this burden thats been on my shoulders lifted high off of me. I felt this peace and joy that only He can give. The sound of the sea, the waves clashing the sand, the sound of the sand moving with the waves, the toes in the sand.. it all just seemed like heaven. Gosh I can only imagine how heaven looks and feels. If this moment being at the beach felt like heaven, what could heaven really look and feel like!

The enemy tried to attack me so hard, and he did, but did I stay on the ground? I stayed on my knees!! When I was going through this hardship of mine I felt so ashamed, ugly, embarrassed, I may be judged by others, I’m not perfect enough, I will definitely lose friends for sure. I didn’t want to ask anyone for prayers. In my mind I thought “if she knew or if they knew what I was going through and I call myself a Christian, they will laugh and turn away and whisper to others.” I stayed quiet for the first week, dying inside, desperately needing fellowship and prayers. But when I ended up at a group I got myself involved in, a Mom Group at that, I felt safe. I felt its all going to be okay. I heard others asking for prayers for the situations they were in, and honestly I thought I was the only one going through some hardships. I began asking for prayers. I opened up, I trusted The Lord as he led me to the ladies that needed to pray for me. When I opened up, when I spoke what I needed prayer for, my heart began to feel lifted. My head stopped pounding, and my worry began to leave.

You see, the enemy wants to isolate us. He doesn’t want us to have any fellowship with other christ like women, men, families. He knows when we come together and have others pray for us he gets scared! He backs off because the Lion comes out! As I sat there on this beach thinking if I am doing the right thing I get a call. “If you love your children so much, enough to protect them and lead them to the right path, what makes you think God doesn’t love you this way either, plus more!” When I heard those words from a very wise woman, I choked. It was a HUGE confirmation from The Lord. I never knew the meaning of a MAMA BEAR until these past few weeks. (A mama bear loves, nourishes, leads and is extremely protective over her cubs). We all know the enemy is here to do 3 things; kill, steal and destroy. This is what makes him dance in happiness when he kills your faith joy and peace, when he steals your family and time with God and destroys everything you have. DON’T let him. We are victorious. We are sons and daughters of the most high God. The King above all Kings. We have the Full Armor of God. Don’t be afraid (Joshua 1:9) for the Lord your God is with YOU wherever you go! Don’t feel embarrassed to ask for prayer because this is what the enemy wants. He wants to isolate you and make you feel worthless but you ARE WORTHY!

Don’t lose fellowship with The Lord and don’t lose fellowship with friends. We need our friends to help pick us back up. We need fellowship to help throw verses and put on their armor of God on and fight with us. Know whatever it is your going through God is there, he hears listens and provides. Connect with friends. Ask for prayers. Ask for wisdom and strength but most of all don’t lose your faith through it.

All though we are still going through this very ugly storm, I know who I serve. I know My God is bigger than any storm I face, He is merciful, abounding in Love, graceful and is here for me. I know His plans for us will be great I just have to keep my eyes gazed upon Him and not lose that sight. Storms we go through is where we will grow in strength, wisdom, courage, faith, maturity, another level up. Don’t let the enemy steal what God has blessed you with.


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