Yay For School Registration Days (said no mom ever)

Can you believe it? Back to school already? My goodness it seems like summer just began and now its ending. Long summer days and nights with the kids, making s’mores and what not. Popcorn and movies nights with a little fort in the living room. This summer we sure did head to the beach (might as well since we live on the darn thing) and we caught a few crabs, seashells and tons of sand in my car. Ha! Summer here has been great, but let me tell y’all what happened these past few days!

20664064_765981886896216_3418834337312524306_nOh my goodness trying to register a child at school, not once but twice on two different days and having to take your kids was probably the hardest two days ever! Honestly y’all, I wanted to cry. Yesterday I stayed at the school from 7:50 in the morning until 11:30  in the morning just for them to say my little one can’t go to Pre-K until kindergarten. Oh her heart was broken. She was so excited and ready to begin! Than yesterday I get out at the school at 12, whoa what a day! But you know what out of all of this God was teaching me some things.
He also showed me people really are nice out here and they do have a helping hand. A teacher came to me and offered to help me. She offered to take my 4 year old to the library to read some books and to color with her as I stay in line with my youngest, 11 months, waiting to get my oldest registered. My 4 year old was getting a little antsy and irritated. So she left with the teacher for a little while. She came back and asked me what number they are on now. I mentioned 17, and I’m number 35, it’s already 11 o’clock you have got to be kidding me right?! She gave me this look like oh my goodness. She began to talk to me about how my daughter is so kind, friendly and likes to talk. What kid doesn’t right? She even mentioned homeschooling (which was already on my mind) but she gave me tips and things to do for her. I wanted to cry knowing I needed help and God sent someone to help me. He knew this mama wanted to homeschool my child but didn’t know what to teach or where to go. And knowing I was trying to keep my baby in the stroller as calm as can be, trying to keep my 4 year old busy and occupied all while trying to fill out paperwork not losing my spot in line.. within a few minutes my youngest falls asleep! How crazy how fast they can fall asleep right?

All this going on within these few days God really taught me not one but a few lessons here.
+ |Patience|. Patience is hard and sometimes I want to snap my fingers and have it done quickly but it doesn’t work that way. I can’t have the plans he has for me snapped quickly I have to walk in faith and be patient trusting the Lord with it all. He is helping me to mature and grow with my walk with Christ [James 1:4, Proverbs 3:5]
+ |Pride|. Gosh this hurt y’all! I’m not the one to ever ask for help I always try to do it myself thinking I can and sometimes I just can’t! Pride eats you up and makes matters worse. I have to let go of the pride knock that wall down and know it’s okay to ask for help. Especially our father. He knows what we need before we even come to him but we must still come to him and ask what we need. [Proverbs 11:2 Matthew 7:7]
+ |Serve|. Serve humbly. Be a helping hand. As the lady took the time out of her work, stepping away from what she needed to get done to put someone else (my daughter, stranger at that) in front of her and the work to the side just to help is really the best way to show what a servant is. Be the helping hand. Reach out to those who need the help. Serve others with a grateful heart. [Eph 4:2; 6:7]
+ |Praise|. Praise Him even through these hard mama days pushing stroller and running into the door by accident while trying to hold onto another child, still praise him through these kind of days. Because he deserves all the praise 🙌🏼 [Psalm 100:4; 135:3]

Lessons are always taught we just don’t see them because we become blind. He shows us and teaches us daily we just have to become spiritually open and see what He is trying to teach us. What valuable teaching is he teaching you today? What has he been trying to show you that you just have become blind to?

Prayer: {Open our eyes Lord to see lessons your teaching us. The valuable lessons we need in order to grow and mature ♥️ Open our ears and hearts, help us to cling onto your Word let us not stray from your ways but instead press into you more. Let us not go hungry or thirsty for you are the bread of life, and if we are hungry feed us Lord more and more! Overflow our cup so we can pour that into others. In Jesus name.}

I sure hope this encouraged you today! Know that you mama, who is standing in line trying to get your kids registered, trying to calm that fussy baby, hungry kid, nurse that infant while everyone stares at you like you did something wrong or even push that stroller to try and rock your baby to sleep while trying to fill that paperwork out, know mama you are not alone. Ask for help. All of us mamas have been there and are going through it with you.


2 thoughts on “Yay For School Registration Days (said no mom ever)

  1. I love your blog Nicole. I’m so inspired by you and what you write. My oldest started kindergarten this year and orientation day was long, a lot longer than I expected and he was terrified. Thankfully my step mother was able to watch my other two, so it was a relatively easy day in that regard, but emotionally it was hard, overwhelming and a bit terrified. It’s so comforting to know that Jesus is always there for us when we need him, providing everything we need.


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