Silence. Listen. Sweep.


A few weeks ago Hurricane Harvey hit. It hit us but not like the other cities and towns. We did panic. I panicked. I never been through a hurricane. I didn’t know what to grab what to take what to leave behind. While I was packing what we could fit in our car I felt Jesus ministering to me. It sure was a hard lesson that I am currently learning.

Panic is not from Jesus. That is something we pick up when we don’t trust in Him. I didn’t fully trust. I was relying on things here. My treasures weren’t where they were suppose to be. Ugh burn! It hit hard I’m telling you. I never saw it but when this hurricane came, a new eye sight came along. A new heart being planted and placed in me. He is working in me.

As I began grabbing our important documents I grabbed a few of our other necessities too. I was thinking things like usual but Jesus kept getting louder and louder. Instead of focusing on social media I should be focusing on Him and Him only. A clean sweep in my life needed to be done. I was thinking “what in the world? Is this really blocking you from working in me?” Well for 1 he already is in me BUT hold on.. let me clarify. I accepted Him as my Lord and savior, I began walking in a new life BUT I didn’t rest in Him the way that I should be, I didn’t build that relationship with Him as I need to. I cried knowing how that hurt but yet I thanked Him knowing what area I needed work on so I can build a relationship with Jesus. I prayed and asked for more of Jesus. Less of me and more of Jesus. I wanted to know His love for me. I wanted to love others as He does. I still want all of this and as I prayed for it, He spoke. He shut the other whispers in my head and became LOUD.

In order for me to want more of Him, I also have to work at it myself. He can’t do all the work I have to be willing to do my part too. Let go of any distractions. Anything that is taking time away from HIM. And for this He clearly spoke social media and technology. Phones, iPads and such.

I see so much going on in this world right now it hurts. It tears my heart but I also rejoice knowing that this is a great time to come together in Unity. To pray. Help. Love. Encourage. Give. This is a time we shall turn to Jesus and repent what we need too and let go of our old self and walk with the Lord. He is faithful. He has continued to walk with us through it all. With all this chaos with all the destruction happening The Lord spoke “Less technology, less social media, more prayer, more of me, TRUST in me not in the World!”

When we came back home a few days later, we weren’t sure what we would walk into. A wet home. No home. Everything gone. Car gone. Power out and fridge full of bad food. We weren’t sure. I prayed over our home. A hedge of His protection. As we drove into our city we saw some destruction, I couldn’t help but cry. We finally saw our neighborhood and fences were torn, shingles off the roof gone, trees were pulled out the ground, we thought “well Lord whatever we walk into you are our provider!” We entered our place, parked and saw no damage to our car. We opened our door and no damage no nothing. We saw the power went out since my coffee pot and microwave had that blinking light but nothing else was touched. I checked the fridge and freezer… YA’LL… this is crazy but my ice cubes were still in shape. Our milk was great. Our food was great. Nothing was bad. Praise The LORD!!

He protected our home, He was wrapping his arms around our home so we can go help others that needed our help. We helped in every way possible. Giving, donating, providing.

During this season we been through I see what the Lord was doing. He was teaching us, my family, growth of trusting in Him and Him ALONE! Not any of this stuff here on earth. Lose distractions and get right on track with HIM. Build relationship with Him.

Praise the LORD! Oh give thanks to the LORD, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever! {Psalm 106:1}


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