Fall in season with a Whiter Smile

19983234_751262175034854_6803430812166364285_oSeriously?! Fall and Winter season here already? It felt like summer was here and now its gone. It flew by quicker than quick sand. I love fall! Pumpkin spice latte’s, cinnamon bark diffusing, just all around the outfits like boots, scarfs, yay for fall!

I quickly started this 30 day challenge during the summer and can I say I honestly love it. Have you tried this awesome toothpaste? It sure does taste strange at first. Takes a little while to adjust but its so worth it. Every morning and every night I applied Orange essential oil onto my Thieves toothpaste and quickly saw results within a week! Within 30 days I saw more drastic results. My favorite toothpaste.

What do you have to lose? You should give it a try. Try it for 30 days! Your jaw may just drop to the ground! If you’re not already a young living member you can definitely grab yours either by retail or wholesale! See more info here.


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