No Longer in the Past…

22051232_787523241408747_8677092032689716644_oThe enemy is real y’all. And he’s sneaky! He likes us to relive the past and regret many things, wanting us to feel we are not good enough to be right where God placed us because of what we have done in the past.
Let me tell y’all! Last week was the roughest hardest weeks for me! You may have seen I wasn’t on social media as much… crickets crickets… only to get stuck in a place the enemy wanted me to stay in. Letting my past failures, mistakes, what others say about me define me. I quickly wanted to give up and give in. I cried and hurt so deeply knowing the person who I was way years ago I wish I could’ve changed and done better but with Gods grace and mercy he pulled me through and brought me back to present time! To now! To see how FAR I’ve become and who I am NOW because of Jesus! Our past doesn’t define us, it’s who Christ says we are!
Friend, don’t relive and live in the past. Let’s continue to move forward and fulfill His plan he has for us. Reach out to someone to pray for and over you! Fight that enemy back! He’s scared of us, of you! He knows if he can show you what you’ve done wrong in the past we focus on that and not what we are doing for Gods Kingdom, His glory. He knows we have that power because it’s been given to us and he’s afraid y’all! He is afraid to see you succeed, to put on that armor of God and fight him and knock him down to the ground stomping at his face!
Y’all when I say this I’m being the real me, I sunk in to myself deeply not reaching out to anyone trying to “figure” it all out on my own. Thinking God doesn’t love me because of what I’ve done, he won’t forgive me because of who I was, I am not worthy to be in his family because I’ve failed over and over again but when god showed me these songs; “I need you God” by consumed by Fire and “REAL LOVE” by Blanca he spoke! When I opened that bible, verses began overflowing in my heart and I began to weep! He continually showed me all weekend and this week redefining me, reassuring me his truths and promises.
He is merciful, he is gracious and he is loving! Fight the enemy and let’s continue to move forward where God calls us ♥️ This feelings kit is AMAZING from young living. It has been helping this mama with all those emotions and the feels! 

Have you been in the feels lately? Want to know more on how to get your beautiful hands on these oils? I’d love to help you!


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