Transition Isn’t Always a Bad Thing

As I sit here wondering what 2018 will be like for us I cant help but look back at 2017. It was one heck of a year for us. I often think back and refer to the times He has pulled me through the deep waters. In 2017 we dealt with new changes. We found a church, which I called home, where I met some friendly, loving, friends/sisters in Christ. They grew on me, and I looked up to them. Its totally okay to look up to sisters, after all it does say it in Titus 2. Even though some were my age, it didn’t matter. Age really doesn’t matter, what matters is your walk with Christ. The maturity level they are on and I had became close to a few. I began seeing how they love on their husbands, children and others. But most of all their talk and walk with Christ. We found our church home and it grew on me, I began to serve and be a teacher in the kids ministry which really shifted and changed my heart. See 2017 was a year of transition. Transition is good, when God puts you in those transitions. I use to be the kind of person who didn’t like change, who wanted to stay in the same home, city, place and circle of friends. But God showed me otherwise.

When Hurricane Harvey came, I can surely tell you that was a big eye opener for us all. We were frightened not knowing what will happen. I took me and the kids to Walmart grabbing all the cases of waters that I could, canned fruits and things we needed, we planned on staying through it. The weather mentioned it wasn’t going to be a big hurricane at first, until the day before when it was estimated to be a Category 4. So the next morning I packed our suitcase, grabbed our important documents, did a walk through in our home and prayed over it. I thanked the Lord for this home and memories we created. For allowing me to experience living on the beach and being okay with change. My husband came home and we left as far as we could away from home. I remember me and my husband just sitting and watching the news all day seeing where the hurricane was headed to. We both prayed over our home, city and friends. As we stayed with family members we realized… no matter what, we trust in God and his plan for us. We began to stock up on food and such since the shelves were empty in Corpus from water to bread to basically everything. No power no water for some. On our way back home we were hoping to have no water damage or anything inside, nor our other car that we left behind. A miracle happened. Nothing happened to our home. The food in our fridge and freezer were perfectly fine, the power was out maybe an hour or less, PRAISE THE LORD. All we saw was debris and fences fallen off but nothing with our car or home. Right there we saw a change in our hearts, anything can happen within a second, we must truly embrace every moment we can with one another. Enjoy each other and live as if it were our last. Tell each other I love you, but most importantly, show each other love. We learned to help others (even though we did before) but help in a more extravagant way.

In October I did a bible study with a few of my friends in our mom life group (oh how I miss them all) and it was amazing. I never thought of doing this marriage bible study only because I felt my marriage was perfectly fine. No arguments, no yelling, no fighting, really it was great! But my heart kept stirring when I tried to sign up for another study. So I followed where He led me, and quite honestly i’m so glad I was obedient enough to follow because it was AMAZING! See, marriage bible study isn’t just for marriages that are broken or falling apart like what I thought. It even helps to strengthen your marriage and prepare your marriage (yourself) for whats to come. In all honesty here, our marriage is beyond what words can describe. Its a SUPERNATURAL mending that only He can do. My husband and I are closer than what we have been even when we dated or first got married. I understand how to be a biblical wife when before I was being a wife from what the world says. My heart is content, happy, and at peace knowing I serve my husband. And no I don’t mean serving like a slave, serving is joyful, its wonderful, its a gift He gives you and its something you will enjoy doing as well. I didn’t realize I had deep dark secrets inside me that was blocking me and my husband. I truly didn’t know this. Its like a black out that happened. But with the marriage bible study I did, it left a imprint in me that I am beyond grateful for, for attending. I believe God wants the best for every marriage, and with that this was yet another transition that happened for us. Its beautiful. Its the bride and groom….

While all that happened, 2017 sure was a year for us. This year He told me 2018 is our year. A year of growth. I cant help but wonder and think what He means by growth. Growth in Him, growth in ministry, growth in who knows what… Only He knows. Have you reflected on your year of 2017? Maybe it wasn’t the best year, maybe it wasn’t the right year, maybe it just wasn’t a great year or a year you’d hope for it to be. Know that 2018 is a new year, a new day, new opportunities, new places and new wonderful things that can happen. Have faith in the unknown, trust in His plan, obey and follow where He wants you. I promise you its worth it. Transition isn’t always a bad thing.



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