Wait…Texas Roadhouse at Home?

Its Saturday and I’m thankful its closer to Sunday! Why? Because Saturday is now my laundry day (unless we leave town) but I figured hmm why not do laundry on Saturdays instead of Mondays. I still haven’t quite figured all this new scheduling out yet but since school is about to start up again Monday, why not. I guess I can sit this coming week and plan out, after all it makes this mom life much easier when planned out! So Thursday night I made a dinner that felt like we were at Texas Roadhouse. Like for real! The whole family even said it before I mentioned it. We have limited our going out to eat unless its special occasions or when we plan a special dinner for us as a family. This Dave Ramsey-Total Money Makeover really has changed a lot of things for us but to be debt free is so worth everything we do now. The book is awesome and has opened our eyes thanks to my brother in law for this gift!

Have you ever ate at Texas Roadhouse before? I love it, but not so much the atmosphere. Its so loud you can’t hear each other talk. Its like your literally yelling your lungs off to talk or hear. I get headaches when its that loud.


I love their salad. Oh man my mouth is watering typing all this, I may just make that salad for lunch today with some chicken crispers. But I really love the yummy cinnamon butter they serve with rolls. Even Logans Roadhouse has it now, well here in Texas they do! I was craving this cinnamon butter, so I decided to try and make the cinnamon butter here at home. Well let me just say it was delicious. Especially with the yummy delicious tender roast, sliced carrots, steamed broccoli and the rolls that I cooked. Yummmmm! The cinnamon butter is super simple and easy to make. Here is what you’ll need:

  • White Sugar
  • Ground Cinnamon
  • Country Crock Butter (or your preferred choice of butter I choose this one because its soft)
  • Measuring cups, teaspoons and tablespoons
  • Glass or Small bowl (I used a chili bowl that restaurants use)

So how do you make it? Well first off you’ll need measuring cups. I made about 1.5 cups of this cinnamon butter, only because I planned on refrigerating the rest. So keep in mind this recipe will be measured for 1.5 cups of cinnamon butter.

Get 1.5 cups of the butter into the small bowl you have, then measure 1 teaspoon of your ground cinnamon and add into the bowl. Mix well with your spoon. Next you’ll measure 1/2 teaspoon of white sugar, add to the bowl of butter and cinnamon and mix once again. Taste and see if its a little sweet. I personally tasted it and it tasted like butter no sweetness like Texas roadhouse’s butter. So I added another 1/2 teaspoons of white sugar, mixed and it was perfect! So pretty much I used 1 teaspoon of white sugar for this recipe. Of course you can measure to your own taste but this went perfect for us for a family of 5. Literally, no leftovers were left here after this dinner, not even the rolls ha!

Be sure to have your rolls in the oven to give it some warmth while your making this recipe. I love the Hawaiian Sweet Rolls we get from HEB. They go perfect with this butter. Now you can enjoy a Texas Roadhouse dinner at home! 😉



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