Organizing the Household and Ourselves

IMG_4345Finally the sun is out, cold weather seems to be nice weather. Im enjoying it today. I wanted to organize today, clean out all our things from clothes, shoes, toys all other extras we don’t need use or damaged. Its a new year to get things back into shape. And by shape I don’t mean physical shape I mean through the whole household and within ourselves.

The other night while I was reading the Bible I saw what God was showing me. These books are on my list for this year. Im to the last chapter on A Woman After God’s Own Heart and I have to say it truly is amazing! I truly believe God has a plan for us all, not just for me, but for everyone.

  • The Power of a Praying Wife because well… the power of a praying wife is far more stronger than a mothers prayer for her son. Sorry mother in law, but its truth. Its biblically true, that when a wife prays fervently over her spouse over his finances, mind, heart, spirit, his walk, salvation, job, and so on (literally there is so much to pray for I didn’t realize until I opened this book) it truly is a book that can deepen your prayers over your spouse. After all, its God first then your spouse 🙂
  • A Woman After Gods Own Heart is a book for a woman who wants to become who God designed you to be. Becoming a woman after his own heart by pursuing Gods priorities when it comes to your husband, children, home, your walk with the Lord, and your ministry.
  • Come With Me is a book discovering the beauty if following where He leads. It will transform who you are, how you live and how you impact the world. I want to deepen my walk with the Lord on the new journey he has placed ahead of us.
  • Fervent wow yall this book like for real is probably life changing, life transforming, heart convicting kind of book. It is POWERFUL! I read this two years ago when I did the study Armor of God and oh wow.. looking back now I see how transforming it was for us. Spiritual Battle is real. The enemy wants to destroy not only your home but your mind, your heart your life. This book is what helped me get my War Binder going!
  • She Is Yours is a book I felt drawn too. I didn’t plan on this book but when I walked through the aisle and seen this book, the last one, I felt so drawn to it. I picked it up and read that this book is about daughters. Im a mom to three daughters as this mom too. I want to raise them in a way that draws others to them, daughters who fear the Lord, who will be raised in such a way that God did through me. If this makes any sense. I look up to other women who have three daughters as us, I ask for advice and see how they did it. After all, we must be Titus 2 women. Have you read Titus 2? Go read it. Hold onto it. You’ll see what Im talking about. 🙂
  • Purposeful Parenting was another book I bought with She Is Yours. This book gives biblical wisdom on parenting and bringing the best out in your kids. Raising children can be challenging but this book helps us to transform those challenges into life-changing events.
  • She Reads Truth Bible is one of the many bibles I have at home. This bible is simple and easy to understand. I enjoy reading this one along with my study bible.

We have a goal this year. I cant actually say goal but what we want to do is walk deeper with Christ, secure our hope and faith in our Lord and Savior, we want to become the parents who God created us to be not looking at the challenges but looking at the opposite. We want to grow and deepen our roots in him that not only will our talk show it but our walk will prove it. My husband and I are so close, closer than we ever have been but this year we want to deepen our relationship into another level, because its very much possible. (Read the book of Solomon). We want to change lives by showing what a Good Good Father he is. So many are lost, broken, hurt, hiding in shame guilt and condemnation I feel its time to let that go.

See, few years back I was so depressed, so much in fear, hiding in shame guilt and running away from my problems. I was broken, hurt, angry at those who hurt me. I couldn’t love my spouse the way I should have. I couldn’t love my children the way I was suppose to. Even though I truly really loved them, I had this wall up that just couldn’t break or fall down. Until God spoke. I saw I couldn’t do it alone. I needed help. I was so full of pride not wanting to ask for help thinking its embarrassing. But never let that happen. 2016 & 2017 we transformed in a supernatural way. Only the way God could do. This year I know its going to GROWTH and its going to be wonderful.

These books are just a few that are lined up of course with other bible studies I am doing and even reading the bible in a year. Its never to late to Grow in Christ. You are never to wise to Grow. Today is Day 8 for reading the Bible in a year, will you join me and give it a try? You never know what He may reveal to you reading it this year front to back. What book(s) do you plan on reading this year?


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