A Look In The Mirror

IMG_4366I know winter is almost over, but I am so ready for it to be over like today! I do like scarves and boots but I like the spring. The flowers blooming, the trees filling up from being leaf less ha!

With February around the corner I want to do a study that will help us as wives. Have you ever felt your marriage at a distance? Marriage falling apart? Maybe you just felt not loved drawn or just numb.

Gosh what can I say. This study, this book opened my eyes to another level. I am going to real with ya’ll for a minute. Our marriage was great, or so I thought. No arguments, no disagreements, no screaming or yelling. I thought it was going great. I remember walking down the isle seeing his smile light up the room. His eyes focused ONLY on me. Our love for one another was so real. It seemed so perfect. Until I read this and realized I was living with a “roommate” sort of speak. Sounds harsh doesn’t it. Well it was harsh. Im being honest here. Its hard writing this, but I feel it needs to be said to help others. Maybe your in that “roommate” stage. With kids I couldn’t balance marriage and parenting. I was all in the wrong by putting my children first. (I’ll explain more on this in the study).

Until I did this study with other women, it drastically changed my perspective as wife, it changed my role, it shifted my marriage into something BEAUTIFUL! Remember how I said our marriage was great? Well let me just say, its way beyond I could ever imagine now. How you ask? With God’s grace love and mercy. We are so in love, literally. We see one another, we communicate like no other, we love each other more than we EVER have. Its more beautiful than when we first laid eyes on each other, more beautiful than the day we got married, I’m for real ya’ll its a SUPERNATURAL thing.

Whats it like to be married to me was a convicting book, not many will want to do this study. Why? Because nobody wants to take a look in the mirror. It hurts to much. But if your wanting a change, wanting something better, wanting the supernatural, wanting something to help, strengthen, deepen your walk with Christ and your role as a wife than this study is great for you! But my marriage is perfect! Great! There is always something in a marriage that can be strengthened on it still is a great study for you! But my marriage is falling apart we may get divorced. I firmly believe in restoration, I firmly believe in restoring something awful to beautiful, this study could help you!

Taking a hard look in the mirror was ugly. I cried in this study. I wept. But in all honesty, this study holds dear to my heart. I want to help as many moms wives, women into becoming who God created and destined us to be. The world says for us to be this way but God says otherwise.

Because this study holds dear to my heart, marriages, women, wives, mothers we will be doing this study, what’s it like to be married to me. It’s perfect for the upcoming holiday, Valentine’s Day! The study will be held in Our Knitted with Grace- Bible Study Group- Facebook Group you can search it there or head on over to Knitted with Grace Facebook Page, like the page and join the group! It’ll be begin next Thursday on the group and blog! You’ll need this book which can be found on Amazon or your local book store. I cant wait to help you grow and see transformation happening. Are you willing to look in the mirror? Are you willing to let go and let God?


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