Have you decided on what this year would look like for you? Maybe you want to be Fearless! Maybe you want to let go of that fear that has held you captive for so long. For a long time fear held me captive unable to let me fulfill my calling that God placed for me. I held onto fear like a security blanket. It was something I only knew and couldn’t let go of. But let me tell you, once I let it go its like this overwhelming peace overflowed in me. This courage and strength came like no other. It was God who did it, but it was me who had to let it go. I couldn’t just partially let it go. I had to fully let it go. I would say i’m leaving it to you but then I would pick it right back up.

Some of you may say “well why would you do that if you left it to god?” First off let me say, it isn’t easy letting go of something you only knew. All I knew was fear, all I knew was to hide and run. I didn’t know I had courage in me. I didn’t know I could be given courage. I didn’t think I could even have courage first of all. Fear had me tiptoeing around afraid of all things. But my wonderful heavenly father replaced that and restored in me something great! He gave me freedom from fear.

Have you ever wondered how to break fear off? Maybe you have tried but pick it back up. Don’t worry I did that too. Don’t worry what others may say, the struggle IS REAL. It is so hard to let go of something that you held onto for years. You then become afraid and wondering if I let this go what will come next? I will say though, FREEDOM PEACE GRACE LOVE STRENGTH AND COURAGE come to you. Bondage will break, freedom will rise, you will be walking in the room like David who defeated Goliath.

See, for many years I walked around I shame and guilt, carrying a load only Christ could carry. I thought I could do this on my own. I thought I had to since it was all me. I was so afraid of my past coming back to where I am now. I was so afraid of what others may think of me. Being a preteen who got called all these names all up into freshman it sunk inside me and stayed there. I let those names “label” me. I was so afraid of loving again because I loved before and ended up where a lady should not be. I ended up becoming bitter and angry because fear held me captive. I became so full of fear, I didn’t want to walk into church because I felt I would be judged. See fear can do so many things if we don’t take hold of fear and release it to Christ.

For years I had dealt with fear. Fear was all I known. Ans its no fun to have fear. Fear of the future. Fear of the unknown. Fear of what others may say/think. Fear of not being the right mother wife or friend. Fear can hold you captive if we allow it. The only fear we should have is Fear of God. And I don’t mean fear as in “afraid” hiding and running.

The enemy wants to hold us in fear because he knows what we are capable of. As long as he holds you in fear friend, you won’t be able to fulfill your calling your destined to do. You won’t be able to do your ministry God is leading you to. He will shackle you down, the enemy, and hold you captive because he is afraid of YOU! He knows once you find out what you can do, he knows your powerful with Christ in you.

Friend I want to challenge you to take this short 7 day journey of “Fear Not-Becoming Fearless” that will be released Monday, January 22, 2018. I believe we all need to walk in the light, walk in freedom, walk without fear. It is a short devotional, the longer one is currently being written but this one I believe will get you to a start. I wrote this to help you with your fear. These are the verses and steps that helped me and I believe in my heart it will help you too. I know those shackles of fear will break and you will walk in freedom. Your fear is going to fall down and Courage will rise. Strength will be taken and FREEDOM will be overflowing in you.

I pray this for you today dear friend:

“Lord as we come to you, to your throne of grace, we cant help but say thank you! Thank you for the purchase of the cross. Thank you for the chains and shackles that are broken and will be broken after this study. I want to pray for each and every person doing this study that they will see and overflowing, overwhelming peace and that fear will be no more! Our guilt and our shame is left at the cross, let us not pick it back up. Lord we thank you for your love that you shown us, we thank you for mercies. We thank you for the power of the cross that is for us. In Jesus name.”

Friend I pray this will help you and you will share with someone who deals with fear too.


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