Becoming Fearless

Welcome to Fear Not-Becoming Fearless Devotional! I am super excited you are here! I prayed for you before you decided to do this, I prayed fear would no longer hold you captive and you will finish this ready and free! My name is Nicole. A wife to a loving husband and a mom to 3 beautiful daughters. In my childhood I was fearless. Then I grew into a preteen which I started to become afraid then later dreadful things occurred in my life. I began to hide in a shell letting the enemy sink all he could while I was afraid, hiding. As the Lord was working on me and in me I finally broke free a few years ago! FREEDOM! A year ago the Lord placed this on my heart to do this devotional. It helped me, he spoke  to share to help many others become free from fear as well. Becoming Fearless has really opened my eyes to another level, brought peace you wouldn’t believe, and faith that is made stronger. Are you ready for this 7 day devotional? {find more of the days on the spiritual growth tab} For doing this you get a BONUS day that is added to the longer series I’m currently finishing. Lets pray. 
 Dear Heavenly Father, I thank you for who you are, who always have been, and continue to be. I thank you for this study you gave me courage to do. Open my eyes so that I may see, ears so that I can hear every word you say, and cleanse my heart Lord so that I can become free from fear. You didn’t give us a spirit of fear an di firmly believe in that. I pray for freedom during this and for discipline to help put you first in my life.

To download the 7 day and BONUS day of Fear Not just click the link below. I pray this devotional will help you break free from fear and walk in freedom!

Fear Not Devotional


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