Oh Motherhood…

Oh how I long to stay still. Or should I say BE STILL. Staying at home with my children I have enjoyed, loved, stressed, house is clean two seconds later its a mess yet again… oh the joys of motherhood. These past few weeks I have been so busy with rearranging, clearing out unwanted and unneeded things in our home. Have you ever been in one of those moods where “I just don’t want anything in here anymore its too cluttered” kind of mood? Well maybe its just me ha!

So the other night, I couldn’t sit still or stay still. Everyone was sound asleep while me I was rocking my little one in the living room, sitting, thinking of what this new journey ahead will be like. My mind was racing through. Don’t you hate those nights when your mind just wants to be awake and not asleep? When she finally fell asleep I laid her down in her bed and went back to the living room. “Should I rearrange the living room? Or go to bed? After all I am tired though.” That battle, oh that battle.

It was 10 o’clock at night and guess what this momma did? If you guessed it, you guessed it right. I rearranged the whole living room. I couldn’t stand how the layout was it was disturbing and just not “homey” from what I felt. As I was finishing up I felt the Lord say this “Be Still & Sit & Rest In My Presence. Smell My Sweet Aroma.”IMG_4877

Wow! Just Wow! I tried to be so busy, keep myself so busy and instead I needed to REST, and be still. Oh how I longed to be still and just sit in his presence. I was so hungry, still am, for the Lord. I needed him this week more than ever.

Months ago he gave my husband and I this dream. He prepared us all along and well now that this journey, this new adventure awaits, I couldn’t help but get busy to take my mind off things. Instead I needed to sink into his embracing loving arms. So I sat, I diffused Joy essential oil and Hyssop essential oil. While I smelled that sweet floral beautiful smell I couldn’t help but feel his comfort, peace and reassurance that everything is going to be just right.

Motherhood…oh motherhood… it can be so chaotic, so busy, so stressful yet so beautiful. We often times need to sit with our children, enjoy them while they are still here and let the rest just fall into place. Oh motherhood… how busy it can be sometimes. House needing to be clean, clothes needing to be washed, breakfast lunch and dinner to be made, but the most important thing I found helpful was to just sit in quietness in his presence. Be still and just let his sweet aroma overfill me with his peace comfort and joy. Lets be still today and allow him to fill us up.

Oh the joys go motherhood…. how it can keep us on our toes, keep things chaotic, and have dirty little hands on our oh so white lovely shirt…..



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