We Found Something Better

Yesterday my oldest daughter came home in such a great mood. She was able to go onto the next level of reading. She couldn’t have been more filled with joy at that moment.

When she walked in the house, she gave me a letter. I wondered what it was. I saw one of them was a fundraiser. Fundraisers are fun, sometimes. But the other letter was bright yellow making it stand out. As I read it, it mentioned how kids attended school were in contact with the flu. You’re kidding me right?! Seriously! Well I made sure my oldest soaked up with more oils. It didn’t occur to me the germs can and will spread to us.

My little baby, 16months old, ended up feeling under the weather last night. My poor baby 😦 Doesn’t it break your heart when you see little ones, your little ones, just not themselves? My baby wanted cuddles and me right there. She was hot, then cold, then just trying so hard to smile and laugh. Bed time came and I knew I better get into bed early because it was going to be a long night.
IMG_5039Honestly I am so grateful to have Young Living essential oils. Before we started oils, gosh we were constantly in the ER, the clinic or the Dr’s office. They prolly all already knew me. Goodness. Bills piled up, unpaid medical bills because well we always went. It wasn’t fun it was awful. I brought out the oils and laid them on my desk next to our bed. I made sure she co-slept with me to keep a close eye on her. Every 20 minutes I applied our oils on her. We diffused to help release them into the air helping us more.

I ditched the candles two years ago. When I found out what it does to your body oh my gosh yall I threw them all and never looked back. Anywho, so we applied these to our little one all night long and she woke up happy, smiling, playing. She is a little under the weather still but she’s far better than last night. Plenty of rest, fluids and oils today. She’s much better than last night, thank you LORD!! Lots of prayers and anointing with oils to help this family.

See we began our oil journey when our middle daughter became ill. You an read our story here. That was 3.5 years ago. Wow how time flies! Im laughing right now thinking of how I thought at that time. I was such a skeptic. Man I bit my own tongue thats for sure!

We used young living’s essential oils. This is the only company I trust and know what goes into those sweet little bottles. Are you curious to know more about oils? Head on over to Essential Oils tab learn more about young living! If you have questions feel free to comment or contact me and I’d be glad to help 🙂

This flu season is no joke. Stay well friends. Get oils and stay #oiledup because yall this season isn’t over yet. Gosh! Can it hurry and be over now? Like today?!


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