Walking in this thing called Mom Life


Yesterday was the first day of spring and it was quite exciting to see its finally here. All the wonderful blooming flowers, planting plants and enjoying the sun outside. As I was sitting yesterday running through my thoughts, I couldn’t help but think of all the things the Lord has done in my life. He has been faithful, loving, graceful, merciful even when I don’t deserve it.

Running around trying to get things done around the house, trying to organize and get everything ready for the new baby to come, trying to get rid of clutter, plant the beautiful plants, clean out the closets of what fits and what doesn’t-even the outdated outfits- there is just so much to get done in such a little time. I began panicking, worrying, stressing and overwhelming myself. Then I felt the Lord speak “slow down my child and enjoy now.” I have been so emotional lately, I’ve been a mom wreck, trying to get all things done quickly. Wanting to rearrange the rooms, repaint and redecorate…. I didn’t realize what I was doing. I was putting added pressure onto myself and instead I should be enjoying each day with this last pregnancy.

We often put so much on our plates then we get angry at others for it. Blame others for it, when really its our own fault. We have to give ourselves GRACE. Oh how we lack grace for ourselves and others but look to the Lord for His grace. I’m so thankful for His grace and love even on the hard mama-kids are screaming-dishes are piled-laundry was forgotten-toys laying all over the floor- kind of days! Don’t you ever have those days?? We are so hard on ourselves mama’s we need to not be. We are human, we aren’t superwoman! We shouldn’t have to carry burdens and carry other unnecessary crud on our shoulders. And I’m speaking to myself on this too!

The other day I just sat and cried. Feeling like a failed at this “mom life” stuff. Not knowing what to do next, not knowing how to do this or that… but you guys, its all okay! We can’t expect to know it all, do it all or even have it all together. Its totally okay, this is where we lean into Christ. His power works best in our weakness and this is what He has been teaching me. He teaches us to be the mother we are called to be, to parent and teach our children in the way they should go so when they get older they will not depart from it. We, as mothers, are here to love, nourish, discipline, teach, and walk in the light setting an example of Christ’s love. I am learning to pray (because y’all prayer is powerful if you haven’t already known this) over and with my children. Im learning that even if I get up early in the mornings and some days they get up the same time I do, its okay to have them next to you watching you read the Word, worship, pray and speak to the Lord. They are seeing the relationship you have with Our Lord and Savior and your setting that example. I didn’t grow up in Christian home so for me this is new, but also something beautiful thats blooming within us. The Lord is showing me how to be the Titus 2 woman, wife in Proverbs 31 and mother also!

I have 3 daughters, and let me tell you quickly like this, raising daughters is not an easy task. Really, it isn’t. What I’m learning along the way is that for me to raise good daughters is for me to be the example. Setting the example on how to properly love and submit to her spouse, faithfully and fervently pray for the family in the home, serve and not expect to be served back, to be joyful in all situations, to hold onto faith and most of all to Love the Lord with all my heart. This sounds easy my friends, but its a daily commitment we must work on to raise daughters, children of the kingdom. Daughters who will make a difference and who will shine His Glory His light to MANY. Who will humble themselves, and love like Christ loves.

Even on the days I feel like I failed, its okay! I turn to my Lord and Savior knowing that He works in me, He shows me and helps me in this. I may not have it all together, but knowing that Christ is the center in my life, in my home and in all things I do, its all going to be ok.

Mama’s, it begins in the home. With us. We are the example for our children. What example are you setting in your home?


2 thoughts on “Walking in this thing called Mom Life

  1. So needed to read this today Nicole thank you for your words of affirmation and hope for all us mommas walking this momma life out.
    Paloma 💕


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