“Bloom Where I Planted You….”

Texas weather is the strangest weather. Yesterday was bright and sunny, nice and warm. It was a beautiful day to be outside mess with my garden, just enjoying the flowers and veggies that is growing. While today on this Saturday, its cloudy and cold! A 20 degree difference in just a day difference. Gotta thank Texas weather for that.

I was quite surprised I woke up early this morning since the past 3 nights our youngest did not want to sleep. I ended up praying over her and lathering her up with our essential oils (while praying of course), speaking life into her little life. Though she may be little she still needs to have LIFE spoken into her. I prayed over my home and asked the Lord for His peace for tonight and for a night of full rest. And you guys we had a full night of rest. HALLELUJAH THANK YOU LORD! I felt well rested. I knew this was a perfect time to spend with the Lord this morning before the rest of the household woke up. Don’t get me wrong, Its ok to spend time with the Lord when everyone is awake, but I felt a tug, a need, a desire and longing for me and Him ALONE. And quite honestly after this morning, I am so glad I was obedient enough to listen and spend time with him alone.

Let me grab my cinnamon coffee real quick because its just so delicious! I’m going to be real with y’all. And honestly this is hard for me to share, but I feel the need to. But this morning, something the Lord said just hit hard early this morning. Maybe you need to hear it too or someone you know needs it. Ive heard a lot this morning………”Pray for your enemies.” I admit, I have prayed for them before. But…. the difference was it wasn’t wholeheartedly. I know right, OUCH! And I’m being honest y’all. I didn’t even realize I wasn’t praying for them wholeheartedly. I didn’t know how to pray for them. I couldn’t bring myself to it to pray for them, and thats honesty. I had to surrender myself to the Lord and ask for His strength & help. [Psalm 28:7]. I didn’t want anything bad happening to my enemies but I couldn’t bring myself to pray “correctly” for them… I just sat in my chair, took a sip of my coffee, then stayed quiet while sitting in His presence. I asked to be different, changed in a whole new way, a change that only He could do, to LOVE because if I have faith but don’t love I am nothing. [1 Corinthians 13:2]. To be forgiven and to forgive just as Christ has forgave me. [Matthew 6:14-15, Colossians 3:13]. Then a ugly cry came along. The ugliest cry you can ever cry. You know what kind of cry I’m talking about. The snotty, ugly face, tears streaming down your face thats unstoppable….. But once I lifted my hands to the Lord and released them to Him, released myself to Him and to do His Will, when I surrendered and let Him do his job without ME trying to fix things it felt great! I felt relief! A burden lifted off my shoulders. See, I never wanted harm for my enemies, I just couldn’t bring myself to pray for them day after day they would hurt, lie, bash or even just be ugly towards me. They wanted to harm me, harm me in ways that would bring me so down to the level of darkness but God said no! I am a child of God, I am a child in the light and I must surrender fully, no matter the cost, just to be free from bondage of not praying for my enemies. I released them to the Lord, I asked that light be birthed in them somehow through someone. That salvation will come to them, that they will find the Lord and want the Lord everyday so they too can be saved.

We have to surrender and let go. We can’t fix these things, only He can. When we surrender ourselves and our enemies, when we open our heart wholeheartedly, things will begin to shift. We become Different. We are being Changed. We become more like Him.

This rose, the one rose that quickly fully bloomed on my rose bush, “Bloom where I planted you. Remain in me continually and I’ll continue to prune.” This is what was said and now I see my rose in a total different way. The sweet and spicy smell this unique rose has is something I’m being reminded of from the Lord. Sweet smell from the Lord, the Lords sweet aroma. Oh so beautiful y’all. So beautiful. His presence is overwhelming right now, I’m just in awe! As long as I remain in Him, everyday, I can look forward to his pruning, to his presence, to his guidance, his strength, his correction and his wisdom I need everyday. You guys, His mercy is great! He delights in showing mercy to us. Mercy triumphs judgment. [James 2:13]. I played this song, and it spoke to my heart. Maybe it will to you too.

No matter where you are at in life, no matter how your past looks, no matter what your enemies done to you, give grace. Surrender. Pray for them in ways that blows your mind.  That freaks you out because you prayed for them in that kind of way. I promise, when you pray for them in great blessing ways, your heart will feel joyful, lifted high, and released from weight that you’ve been carrying. If you are in need of prayer I’d be glad to pray for you. If you are wanting to know the Lord, I’d be more than happy to speak with you.

May your day be filled with His abounding love.


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