Where It Began….


It all got started 3.5 years ago, a little over 3.5 years. Our second child, who was 1 at the time and is now about to be 5-oh where did the time go-our journey began with her. Gosh can I just say how crazy our life was before we began this journey with essential oils. I mean for real. Earaches after earaches, our oldest kept catching pneumonia back to back and our second child kept catching RSV back to back along with bronchitis. I mean how awful is that. Dr’s told us once you catch pneumonia, once you catch RSV its always going to come back because your system has weakened and its much easier to be sick. Thank the Lord for these oils though because they truly helped us in all sort of ways.

See, when I began I never even heard of these. I never saw them, never knew what she (a friend of mine) was talking about. When our Aubrey became so helpless that year I was searching for answers. For help. Do you know how many times I’ve made trips to the ER because of their respiratory? My goodness those bills that we are finally paying off… for real. It was crazy. When that night I was about to rush her to the ER once again because her breathing was just AWFUL. Caving in, sinking in, congestion in the nose, rattling in the chest, you could see the breathing in her rib cage… gosh makes me want to cry in gratitude now because we have not had one of these incidents since we began our journey. Ya’ll it was horrifying. As a mother you wish you could take the place of what they are going through. You know? Don’t you ever tell them, “aww my baby I wish I could be sick for you I don’t like seeing you this way..” or maybe it was just me saying that.

Before I headed to the ER I posted on Facebook asking for prayers because it wasn’t looking good. My friend reached out to me… in private message… and mentioned of her praying for us. But then she shared her story which was so almost the same as what we were battling with. I couldn’t help but cling to her story. She asked if I’d like to go over to her home, have her pray over our daughter and apply oils. At first I thought, “what? what are they? how will they even work if its been a month of my daughter being on steroids and antibiotics with no improvements… how can that help?” But something about that just tugged my weary heart. I went ahead and told her yes we’d love to.

As we were headed towards her house I remember praying and asking the Lord for healing and help. For guidance and for strength because as a mom who has dealt with her daughter sick for a month now… no sleep… no improvements… just seeing her daughter helpless hurt this mama. It did. As we parked, we entered in the house. Ya’ll once the door opened I immediately smelled the oils. They smelled so heavenly. God sent. Just uplifting. I needed it. It was like the weariness just fell….

We began sitting in the living room, she had my daughter next to that diffuser (which I had no clue what that thing was at the time) began praying over her and applying essential oils on her. I just sat and watched. Of course my little one was crying but once they applied them on her chest and by the ears and back it was like immediate calmness and she was quiet. WOW! But that wasn’t it… I began asking what they were and very quickly, maybe within 5 minutes she told me. She told me let her know if I needed anything else and handed me a little bottle to continue to apply throughout the night. As we were getting buckled in the car, from her house to mine which is literally 15 minutes, I saw her sleeping the whole time AND no rattling, no wheezing, no congestion just pure silence of a sleeping baby who has not slept in days, a month! We got home, I put her in the bouncer rocking chair that sits up and she stayed that way for a while. She slept so peacefully. She only woke up maybe once that night so I can apply those oils and that was it. I was astonished. Of course I still didn’t sleep cause you know, when your little one doesn’t wake up it kind of makes you get up and check on them what seems like every 15 minutes….

The next morning she smiled. She seemed so happy. Still no wheezing, no coughing, no congestion, no rattling in that tiny little chest. We took her to the dr appointment she had and well even her dr was astonished. Amazed and just in awe!

I praise the Lord for this journey. I praise the Lord for his tools he gave us to help our bodies, our children, our spouse and everyone we meet. It has been a beautiful journey for us and to see my team members experiencing wellness in a greater level is just wonderful. But for me what makes it beautiful is doing this journey with other families, being a friend and meeting new people all over the world. I love this community and I thank the Lord for all He has done and is continuing to do in people and our community.

If you are curious about essential oils, just click here and learn more about them. If your wanting to know more about how to begin your journey too, just click here to learn how to join our team! Our Story has impacted many families, and thats just how we began. We have many more stories I share in our private Facebook group. Tomorrow, April 10th I will be hosting a LIVE facebook class online so no need to leave your home. If you are interested in attending comment or email and I’d be glad to have you to this private class!

I pray this journey will bless you abundantly, that your wellness will be healthier than ever, and that you will find your purpose.

Let your faith be bigger than your fear. Take the leap of faith and jump on board with us, we’d love to have you ❤



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