At Any Moment When We Feel Heavy…


I often wonder when I go through trials, why do I have to face this? When will it end? How long will it be? I know you probably have been in the same situation, asking yourselves these questions. I have been through so many trials but I can honestly tell you, He is there through it all!

As a mom of 3 and another on the way, life can get pretty hectic here. The other day I felt a mess. I was not able to catch up on house chores, nor catch up on the awesome book I am reading, not even shower right. Yup! I said it. I couldn’t wash my hair had to hurry it up and my hair was screaming out “wash me”. Thankfully I use essential oils to help my hair not look so greasy or even be itchy ha! But in the real, total honesty, I felt a mess. I tried everything I could to do it all in one day. Grocery shop, laundry, spring clean-meaning clearing out old clothes and toys-I tried to even do the house chores such as sweep, mop, vacuum, dust, replant the plants etc. Then I heard, “be still my child.” Seriously, I wanted to cry. Maybe its my pregnancy hormones, or maybe because I was overdoing, overworking, overwhelming myself with something that will ALWAYS be there. Everyday it’ll be the same thing, sweeping, spot mopping if needed, whatever it is… it will still be there. I sat and cried to the Lord for his help.

Psalm 119 has been helpful for me. As I diffuse White Angelica in my diffuser just smelling in the goodness and sitting in His Presence, it sure has opened my eyes to a different level. Moms, we become weary, heavy, tired, just feeling unworthy but I want you to know right now, YOU ARE WORTHY! Everyday I have been reading a portion of Psalm 119, each little section at a time, breaking it down and digging in. His faithfulness is great. He is good. In All Seasons! Even in the difficult times we have and go through, He is still good! We may not understand the circumstance we are in or the difficulties we face but know how well and good our Father is! Lets not focus on the why or when but instead lets focus on Him, His promises and Truth. He is our comfort, He is our Peace, He is Faithful, and He is Good.

So momma, if you clearly have a messy house, house chores to catch up on, reading to do, groceries to grab, laundry to get done…. know this. Take one thing at a time. I have learned to break it up. Mondays I do the piles of laundry, sweep and mop. And the rest of the week I break down what needs to get done. Friday mornings is grocery shopping day for us, it helps to have it all for the weekend and upcoming week. Don’t let it overwhelm you. You are doing good. Learn to be still and take one chore at a time. Lets enjoy the day He has given us and not miss the amazing beautiful day he woke us up to enjoy. Often times, we miss the flowers blooming, the birds chirping, our kids learning something new because we are so focused on something that will always be there for the rest of our life. Be still today, know that He is good, and whatever your facing today He is shaping and molding you. He is pulling you closer to Him and His Word.

At any moment when we feel heavy…… Find His comfort. Seek His presence and rest in His peace today friend!


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