Seriously? Who knew?!

I love the rainy weather. It makes me curl up on the couch, grab my book and start reading. I love having the door open when the rain just pours. Isn’t it lovely? I wanted to share something that had helped my girls in so many ways. It started with the essential oils that we bought, gosh how I will never forget that day. My little ones had respiratory problems and we needed some sort of support for them.


So not only has essential oils helped us, but when we made the switch to Thieves Household Cleaner, oh my gosh it surely helped more than you’ll know. I honestly didn’t think such a small thing, switch, could make some great changes. As I learned about the cleaners we did have, how it effected their respiratory and how it did more harm than good, I began grabbing that big trash bag and throwing it all away. My husband freaked out, I even freaked out myself on what I was doing. But I wanted to better our health, my girls health at that. I only had My oldest and middle one at the time when I began ditching and switching.

I love how I can clean EVERYTHING with this one bottle. I’m laughing right now remembering when I get the box on my front door opening it up and seeing all my oils I got and other things then I pull this bottle and think, “oh my gosh this is not that big, I will finish this as much as I clean my house.” But little did I know its so potent, its so concentrated that it takes very little to be used. I distill it by using 1/2 half a capful into a glass spray bottle and fill the rest with water. Sometimes I use 1/4 capful just depending on what I am using it for. I can make 22 bottles of this one bottle making it $1 per bottle OH MY!!! And it lasts us 6 months or more… the longest it lasted us was 8 months. WOW! And I clean a lot, probably more than I should ha!

So what do I clean this with? Well… EVERYTHING… my kids toys, my granite countertops, I even mop with this. I clean my windows, the inside of my car, the bathrooms, I mean the list goes on and on. I noticed since using this cleaner and not the bleach, lysol, or even Clorox wipes, I noticed a huge change in my girls respiratory. Including mine. Heck, I don’t even cough like before when I used all those other cleaners. I really felt like I was dying and choking cause the fumes, the smells…. but this one smells like Christmas. I love it. When my husband and I noticed how our girls respiratory was much more calm, we were amazed and yet shocked! Not only are we thankful that this cleaner helped, but we are also thankful to see the label doesn’t say “contact poison control if swallowed”

Have you gone through your cabinets and seen the labels? Have you read the ingredients and researched “dangers of ______” whatever the words are. I challenge you today friend, to go through your cabinets, go through your medicine cabinets, make a check list of what your wanting to conquer out of your health and lets get to it!

Switching to this cleaner 2.5 years ago was another amazing decision we made. If you have never tried this cleaner, or even essential oils at that, girl what are you waiting for? We need to chat. You can even learn more just by clicking essential oils above on the tab or by clicking here. This has been the best journey yet, and that isn’t even all of our stories. 🙂


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