He Created All Creations.. And You Too!

Wow… I never would’ve seen myself sitting here on the table, in the quiet, worship music playing and everyone sound asleep. I’m debating if I should even type this blog or maybe join my family and go to sleep. Heck why not type this blog, who knows what tomorrow may bring ha!

You know, I never imagined my life like this… expecting a fourth child. We surely have been blessed though. I can’t imagine my life any different. When we got the news we were shocked, I was shocked. It wasn’t until recently when it finally hit me. I saw our little baby moving those arms, kicking those legs, and those fingers… ya’ll those fingers just so tiny… it hit me then. A mom once again. How amazing it is to know a little human is being created in my womb. Knowing the baby has their own little features and character already. Hair is picked out, eyes are picked, the smile that will be set forever… It truly is amazing and a blessing.


Even though I am experiencing yet another pregnancy, I won’t lie to you. I didn’t know what to think at first. Actually I did know what to think.. I thought “how in the world can I do this? I still am not a perfect mommy to my other 3. I still can’t get things right for the life of me. Oh wait a Cheeto on the floor hang on…. Okay forget it the dog ate it… Oh darn those toys all over again… oh well tomorrow is another day.” You get the picture. Heck I felt not capable or equipped enough to raise another child. It was then, when the Lord said “its okay, you are right, you can’t do this alone without me. You are in my arms. I will never leave you nor forsake you.” The next day I happened to get ready.. you know the usual, brush your teeth, oh wait I drink my coffee first then go brush my teeth. Yeah I know gross right? But heck, I don’t like having coffee after brushing my teeth, coffee just doesn’t taste the same.. anywho now that you prolly judged me heck lets get back to what I was saying. So I got ready, I was standing in my closet trying to figure out what to wear, “oh this dress yes it looks comfy today.. ehhh wait no never mind I think I want pants today.” I put them on and well…. I bawled. Literally. It was like an overnight growing kind of thing so crazy! Those were my favorite pants. You know, those kind you just absolutely cant get rid of because they are just too good of a pair, you ol’ faithful kind of pair, you know those kind.. well I cried. I about lost it. Yes I know this is my fourth pregnancy, c’mon I should know by now right? Nope! I just couldn’t see myself getting ready that day. I literally lost all my confidence within myself. What next?? Oh no you are kidding me right? A darn stretch mark now, OH NO NOT ONE BUT THREE…. what next??? Yup! This pregnancy has been one heck of a ride for this momma, but you know all that to the side, in all honesty, it doesn’t matter how big we may get! Or how our favorite jeans we like to wear a million times go back in the closet for who knows how long…. or even how non-perfect we feel when doing this thing called “mom life”. It shouldn’t matter.

See, God created the moon, the stars, the plants, the beautiful mountains, He created us. We often lose our confidence because we tend to feel we “have” to look like this Pinterest model, or this instagram mama ( don’t get me wrong they are beautiful but so are we!), and we forget WHO created us. He created our inward parts, he knitted us together in our mother’s womb! WE ARE FEARFULLY AND WONDERFULLY MADE. He created us, He knows every single little hair we have. Yes, we may not be perfect, I hate to burst your bubble but nobody is perfect, but we CAN be better than yesterday. We strive daily to live a better life then what we did yesterday. Thats the great thing about life, not just mom life, but life in general, we live each day and learn from our mistakes. Sometimes it takes two or three mistakes but we learn from them. Everyday is an opportunity to grow, mature, and do better than yesterday.

I may have felt incapable for a second, I may have felt like a huge whale for a few days until I shopped for the correct size, I may have felt like a failure but you know what?? God says otherwise 😉 And I’d very much rather take His Word over mine. Don’t let those favorite jeans of yours make you feel any different, heck just go find another pair like I did! Don’t let those “mommy moments” make you feel less of yourself, shoot take a walk. Have your husband, your trusty neighbor watch your kids while you go for a pedicure, a walk, or even a LONG HOT BATH with some Lavender Essential Oil (OHHH YESSS PLEASEEEE). If you don’t have anyone you trust or know, shoot put them to bed at 7, ha! I’ve had to do it, sometimes we need a refresher too! Literally. We need our own time for ourselves. It isn’t selfish, it isn’t stingy, its more of a “taking care of yourself, loving yourself again, remembering who you are besides a wife and mom” kind of refresher. Don’t worry mama. You are beautiful just how you look! You are doing great! You got this! You were made for this! Remember beautiful mama, the same God that created the moon the stars the mountains and sea, He created you ALSO.

{Psalm 139, Jeremiah 29:11}



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