Never Stop Growing

When I was young I did not like reading. It was so boring and honestly I didn’t have time to read. I was always on the go with band, with sports, with friends, with life in general. But as I got older I began looking at books thinking “hmm maybe I should give it a try.” It wasn’t until I opened my Bible and began reading a little at a time. It was then, when I fell in love with reading.
Yes it sure is hard to read with 3 kids all running around wanting my attention but I try and get my reading in when they either nap, or even at night when everything is calm. Before I use to let reading get in the way of family time. I couldn’t put books down I just wanted to continue to read.. until I decided to switch a few things.
See Reading is great. It helps you to grow, we can never stop growing. We must NEVER stop growing.

I had a few books I wanted to read this year that was laid out and picked out already, then He laid a few new more. I was going to reread a few books but in every season is a new season which means growth. You may be needing to grow in Faith, In Trust, Freedom from Bondage, maybe its growth within yourself remembering who you are and finding yourself again. These books are what I have for this year. Which I actually plan to read before September when our next little one is due. I know I probably would be very busy sleeping or attending to a new little one along with the 3 kids who need this mama. The books that were laid on my heart I will share the description about them.

Come With Me by Suzanne Eller. If you know me you know I love Proverbs 31 Ministries. She is one of the writers from Proverbs 31 Ministries and this book is about following Him no matter how dusty how windy the road is because this road is worth everything. Take a step toward the One who promises to delight in surprise and who will transform who you are, how you live, and how you impact the world.
Women of the Word by Jen Wilkin. Teaches you how to study the Bible with both our hearts and our minds
In His Image by Jen Wilkin. Showing us 10 ways God calls us to reflect His character. Exploring 10 characteristics of who God is––holy, loving, just, good, merciful, gracious, faithful, patient, truthful, and wise. It helps us to understand who God intends for us to be.
The Power of a Praying Wife by Stomie Omartian. As a wife we are called to serve and pray for our husbands. Fervent praying. Praying over everything. I have learned in this book (because I already read it but want to read it again) is all the ways to pray for your husband. Ways I honestly never prayed for or even knew about its so amazing! Ever woman who desires a closer relationship with there husband should get this book!
The Power of a Praying Parent by Stomie Omartian. Being a complaining parent doesn’t help but being a Praying parent helps their walk, their talk, their life! We all want the best for our kids and in this book she shows ways (much like the wife one) how and what to pray for.
Purposeful Parenting by Jean S. Barnes. This book gives six steps to bring our the best in your kids. Turn chaos to Calm, Stress to Sanity, and Confusion to Clarity. Now there is no perfect parent but how we parent impacts our children who they are and who they will become.
Inner Transformations Using Essential Oils by Dr. LeAnne Deardeuff, DC and Dr. David Deardeuff, DC. This book is intended for Young Living Essential Oils not intended to be used on any other brand. I read a few pages here and there but as my team and I did this assessment I had seen what my body needed work on. Reading this book will help my body in ways such as more energy (the natural way no coffee kind of way) more radiant health and just bring more health into my family. If you know me, you know I love our oils, and if you haven’t heard of essential oils or want to grab you some, head on over to essential oils and begin learning why we chose them and why you should too.
The Weekly Prayer Project by Scarlet Hiltibidal. A journal that will change your life and challenges you to journal, reflect, and connect with God with 52 scriptures.
Rachel & Leah Study by Nicki Koziarz. This 6 week study reflects on the book, Why Her? Nicki is a writer from Proverbs 31 Ministries and wrote this book on comparison. We all women compare ourselves either “why her?” or “why not me?” This study goes deeper into scripture in the Old Testament story of Rachel and Leah.

I have so much reading to do, but before I do I want you know to know, Never Stop Growing! We can never have grown to much. Whether its through our health and wellness, our family, the Word with the Lord or within ourselves. Growing is beautiful, it changes us in ways you wouldn’t imagine. I want to grow in leadership for my team members, grow in motherhood, grow in Christ, grow in marriage life and so forth. I cant grow if I stop where I am at. And neither can you. If you have a hard time not falling asleep like how I use to be when reading, if you just get bored, grab you a glass of water with ice and some Lemon oil (this helps this mama a ton) and diffuse some Young Living White Angelica with Clarity oil to help awaken the mind. Sit and relax and begin. Even if its 2-3 pages a day that is a great goal to have! Read at the best time for you whether its when the kids are napping, playing outside and you enjoying the beautiful air, or even if its in the school line (because we all know how packed and crazy that line is). No matter where, find a place, find a time that works for YOU and begin growing.



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