When You Question Your Mama Task

This morning my girls did something I never in my life thought would happen. I honestly didn’t even expect anything like this to happen. Both my girls had this idea and to see them work together as a team, my heart felt eternally grateful. Full of gratitude.
Breakfast in “bed” is what they did. Well more like breakfast on the couch BUT y’all this just really made my heart melt & my day.

They wanted to do something for me. Both my girls gathered the tray and made yogurt with grapes blueberries & granola, orange juice with crackers and well since my youngest one needs eggs every morning I had to make some eggs. And this mama, well I was craving apple cinnamon muffins last night so I had to whip a batch up. Hey! A pregnant mama has to fulfill her cravings ha!

The girls said “Mama no more k, go sit on the couch and we will bring the food to you on a tray like breakfast in bed. You need to relax.”


The past few days I kept asking myself and talking to God “am I raising my girls right? Am I really equipped enough to do this mama task? I have no stinking clue what I’m doing here, guide me and give me wisdom and at moments when I want to give up give me strength to not give up.”

I’m so hard on myself when it comes to mistakes because I strive for perfection. I want to be the perfect mommy, perfect friend of theirs, perfect of everything for them. I get so disappointed in myself when I fail at this “perfection” when I yell at them for doing something wrong or when I have to tell them the same thing over and over and over again. But what God has been teaching me is “there’s NO perfection. Mistakes will happen but this is when you lean and press into me (Him) for guidance and for teachings.”

Do you ever ask yourself those questions?
-Am I a good enough mom?
-How can I do this mommy thing?
-When will this stage end?
-I have no clue what I am doing what do I do?
-What if I’m not raising them right?
You know I asked myself all sort of questions and to God. I wanted to raise my children with humbled hearts, full of gratitude, a servants heart, a love for Christ.

Have you had those days when the siblings just fight, or when they become disobedient, or even when they just hear you but it seems it goes in one ear and out the other… I feel I am losing it or I’m clearing doing something wrong on those kind of days. But then I remember how gracious and loving our father is towards us. It’s pretty amazing to see even when I fail, make mistakes or when he tells me things OVER AND OVER AND OVER again like I do my kids he STILL shows grace, mercy, forgiveness & love towards me.

I believe he heard me the last few days because this right here showed me something I never seen in my girls. A glimpse of what good they will do for His Kingdom.

“Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.”
‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭22:6‬ ‭

Mama, don’t give up on yourself! Continue pressing in the Lord’s presence and praying fervently. He never leaves us and never fails us even when we fail him daily.


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