In case you haven’t met me, my name is Nicole. The founder of Knitted with Grace blog. I’ll just share a little about me. I wasn’t a early bird, in fact I disliked mornings at my young age but now I LOVE my early mornings. Why? Because I spend my early mornings, (and by early I mean 5 o’clock in the morning) curling up in my soft throw blanket and having a hot cup of coffee in one hand and the Bible in the other. I love spending time in the Word and seeking Jesus on a more deeper level. I’m married to an amazing hunk who is a hoot, I love spending every single minute I can with him. We have 3 amazing daughters with another on the way (in some very short weeks ahead oh Lord help us ha). I enjoy laughter and wonderful conversations with friends and family. I’m a stay at home mom who works with Young Living and we love the all natural life.

We began using essential oils 4 years ago and its been the best journey yet! We joined Young Living for what we thought was for one reason. Boy was that not the case, it turns out they helped us in so many other ways too. I love sharing the many ways essential oils can help families.

 I love reading a book when I have time (cause you know 3 kids, 2 dogs, and another baby on the way) + visiting family + listening to music way too loud (you’ll probably catch me dancing in the kitchen but don’t mind that) + watching football with my husband + I’d rather choose to wear boots and jeans than heels anyway + sippin’ on some yummy peach tea + sewing & crocheting for fun!



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