Never Stop Growing

When I was young I did not like reading. It was so boring and honestly I didn't have time to read. I was always on the go with band, with sports, with friends, with life in general. But as I got older I began looking at books thinking "hmm maybe I should give it a … Continue reading Never Stop Growing


He Created All Creations.. And You Too!

Wow... I never would've seen myself sitting here on the table, in the quiet, worship music playing and everyone sound asleep. I'm debating if I should even type this blog or maybe join my family and go to sleep. Heck why not type this blog, who knows what tomorrow may bring ha! You know, I … Continue reading He Created All Creations.. And You Too!


Sometimes quietness is good. When those kids are put to bed, or when the dogs are finally quite. When you hear.... nothing. Oh what a long day and week shall I say. With a Valentine's party and this whole week gathering up the toys that the kids left. It was a week I really wanted … Continue reading Quietness