Battle Using Your War Binder


Ever go through something tough in your life where you feel you just can’t get out of? Maybe that storm seems so big you begin to barely hang onto hope. Countless of times we’ve been through storms and battles. Honestly, I cant keep count on my hands of all the battles we faced. BUT I can count all the times how faithful, how true, how wonderful and graceful our Father has been. I use to carry a spiral journal writing down all I heard from the Lord, or verses I wanted to memorize, or even bible studies I did until I felt so disorganized.

I am not the most organized person in this world. Although I do try and have been trying to get more organized to make life a little more simpler. I actually began the “minimalist challenge” which by the way IS a challenge but when I take a look around I think to myself, “yes, its getting there and it feels much more peaceful and not cluttered.” Drinking my hot cup of coffee while playing worship music in the early mornings is what I look forward to everyday. Sitting in His presence, speaking to the Lord, Waiting to hear from Him before everyone in the home wakes up…. its a great way to begin the day.  When I first started getting up early in the mornings I would have a 70 page spiral notebook, those cheap .58 ones, so I can jot down what I felt on my heart. It was a great start don’t get me wrong, but I felt it was so disorganized. I wanted something that would help me find what I needed if I needed to reflect and look back on. Thats when I came across the…..

W A R    B I N D E R.

IMG_0514Having a War Binder was never on my mind. I never knew what it was  until I saw the movie War Room. Gosh that movie is so inspirational and puts a fire in me each time I see it. I laugh so hard though when Mrs. Clara comes out. Reason behind that, well when we watched it one night my brother came over to see it too. He laughed and told me, “Your are just like Mrs. Clara shouting out to the Lord in your home, fighting the devil like your not scared or something.” I gave him a look and thought to myself, “hmm I hope thats a good thing” (and laughed inside). But when I saw she had a battle plan strategy, she had verses lined out and prayers for each person for each occasion I wanted to do the same. I have a 1.5″ 3 ring binder that is also my war binder but I wanted something to take along with me in my purse to church or anywhere.

IMG_0515This is where I ended up making the Websters Travelers Notebook as my war binder. I ended up getting mine at Hobby Lobby to use their coupon to save more on it, win win (if you know me you know I love that store I can be in there all day if I could), but if you have Amazon Prime, girl Prime it! I then grabbed me some inserts to add into the travelers notebook. Used my coupon on those too. Heck I’m all about saving when I can! I found inserts at Target also, now Walmart carries them too!

IMG_0516Each insert is a section I divided to write in. When I first open my war binder it is my Prayer Requests section. In this section I pretty much write who to pray for, the date, and what to pray for too. Sometimes I will write out my whole prayer just depending on the circumstance or if I feel led to write it all out. I personally like to have it first. I write out all my prayers for my walk with the Lord, my heart, attitudes, my spouse, my children and prayers for my extended family and friends. I apply verses along with prayer, because when verses are applied to prayers your getting somewhere! Your getting your battle on! Praying scripture is powerful! If you haven’t tried it, I challenge you to do so, see how life changing it can be. Don’t worry if you don’t pray that kind of way, there really is no right or wrong way to pray. God just wants YOU. He hears you and knows your heart. He knows what your thinking and about to say, just be YOU with our wonderful graceful loving father. I didn’t pray with scripture before until I had some serious battles going on a few years ago. I wanted things to shift and change in a way that only God could do. The SuperNatural. Do you want a powerful prayer? A prayer that will shift things? Pray this, “Change Me Lord, not the circumstance but ME.” Thats what I call a dangerous powerful prayer but so so worth it.

IMG_0517Next is the Scripture one. Each scripture that I write has been spoken to me and means something to me. It could be a season I’m currently in, or a verse that stood out to me and spoke loudly to me that I need to dig deeper on. I like to write out the whole verse, memorize it, reflect on it, & next to it I write what I feel the Lord is telling me. I even use some of these to pray with because I feel the need to.

IMG_0518Third insert is what I call the Worship & Praise section. Its basically my gratitude section, reflecting on all what He has done in my life with all the seasons I gone through. Its wonderful to go back and reflect on His goodness and be reminded He is ALWAYS good no matter what and praising Him for all He has done and will do. I highly recommend having one of these sections.

IMG_0520Okay, so the fourth insert I have is called the He Speaks. This section is sort of new. He speaks quite a bit and before I wouldn’t write out my dreams or words he has given me, which I totally regret. But I’m so glad to have this now. Words he gives, dreams he gives, even songs that stand out to me that He speaks to me through. I write them in this section, the date and what he is telling me. With words I look them up see what they mean and also cross reference them in the Bible. Than I write out the verses next to the word(s) he gave me. I then go back and write what he was showing me. It truly is awesome to go back and reflect on what He speaks.

IMG_0519Last insert I have is the Bible Study insert. When I do a bible study I want to write what I learn and what the Lord lays on my heart. I like to reflect on the studies I did and how it has impacted my life. I like to use the Soap method on Bible Studies, I learned this through Proverbs 31 ministries. It is more of a deeper understanding in verses. Words that I need to dig deeper into, or understand what its saying.

Of course, your war binder can be setup however you’d like to have it. This is what works best for me. Some add Sermon Notes, Journaling, Devotionals, Book Titles/Songs, Calendars…. Its all on your preference.

I wrote this section hoping this will encourage you to build your own WAR BINDER. I hope it lights a fire inside of you wanting to begin a battle plan against the enemy. After all, we are at spiritual battles and its time to suit up and put on our Armor of God, Ephesians 6:10-20. It surely has helped me in countless of ways fighting against the devils schemes, I know it could help you also.

How will you fight your battles? In fear or with scripture? With joy or with sorrow? Or with a battle plan, with your suited armor, with the war binder you are now rushing to the store to setup? Whatever it is friend, its time we fight our battles the right way, with His Truth.

If you have any questions feel free to email me or comment, I’d love to help in anyway I can. I’d love to see how you setup yours.