A Wife to a Husband

20479995_763517340476004_3973146407995433517_n“A wife of noble character is her husband’s crown, but a disgraceful wife is like a decay in his bones.”  (Proverbs 12:4)

More and more marriages are falling apart. It breaks my heart knowing it can be fixed. As I was reading the bible Proverbs chapter 12, I came across the verse Proverbs 12:4. A wife of a noble character…lets stop and discuss this for a minute. The meaning of Noble is: good, righteous, honorable, worthy, unselfish, decent. In Proverbs 31 this chapter explains what a noble wife is. Doesn’t mean perfect but a wife that is doing the best she can for her husband. Now disgraceful I’m sure we all know this word. Dishonorable, unworthy, selfish.

When I was younger and this movie was released, The Notebook, I would watch it over and over (I love that movie). I would think, “wow I want that marriage, that love.” But as I grew older I realized no I do not want that marriage or love, I want the love and marriage God has planned for me.

As a wife we must submit ourselves and love our husband. Even at times when we are moody or feel too tired. He must feel wanted, needed, and loved, even after a hard day of work. Just as we want a hug, kiss or ask how our day was, it works the same way. Another important thing is to always be honest in your marriage. Once you begin to tell “small” lies thats when dishonesty starts to begin & the trust breaks apart. Don’t allow the enemy to make you think, “its okay its just a small lie it won’t hurt.” There is no such thing as a small lie, any lie leads to a road of destruction, a road that you do not want to go on. Always keep your lips truthful (proverbs 12:19) keep your lips from lies (psalm 34:13).     Yes days will come when we lose our patience towards our husbands but when we begin to lose our patience towards our husbands stop and think how patient God is with us. Patience can be difficult I know, our human nature feelings begin to kick in but we must stop it. As soon as you stop your troublesome thoughts, stop your human nature feelings you will soon start to see a change in yourself and then your family.

I was told marriage isn’t easy that its very challenging and if I were sure I wanted to marry my husband. I thought “OF COURSE!” But I also thought thats not true my grandparents marriage was so perfect. Little did I know every marriage has ups and downs. Not everyone show’s our puts their problems out in public for others to see. This is called Respect. Not spreading your problems all over you are respecting your marriage and your spouse. Yes we all have difficulties in marriages but we must learn to respect our marriage. By sharing with everyone about the problems in your home not only are you opening a door but your disrespecting the marriage, hurting the marriage, and breaking the marriage . It causes more problems then what you had before. In reality, people want to know what is going on rather then helping. Surround yourself with positive people, speak to your husband how you feel, in a nice way of course, and support your husband in what he does. No marriage is perfect, but if us women learn and study on how to become a noble wife the marriage can be happier and more blessed. I would love to pray for you, If you need a special prayer feel free to leave a comment or contact me. You are not alone.

Here is a challenge:

Instead of going directly to social media about your marriage, lets go directly to our spouse first. Go to a room or where it is quite away from any distractions. Talk about it and pray together as one.

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