The Struggles With Vertigo

Living with vertigo is one of those hit or miss kind of ordeals. Its probably the worst feeling to feel. You could be walking down Walmart, taking a stroll in the mall, or playing tag with your kids only to end up feeling it afterwards.

Years ago when I went to the doctor to be seen only for him to tell me I was good and fine and probably had a whiplash from my car accident. The after shock from hitting the air bag and steering wheel. I figured he had to be right I mean it was only a few days after the car accident so surely it’ll go away. He prescribed me medicine only to see it made matters worse. I couldn’t wake up, I couldn’t focus, I was so dizzy and sick to my stomach unable to hold anything down. I would stand up only to feel as if the whole house was swirling all around me. I would lay down only to feel the earth moving in a fast rapid speed. It was the worst feeling you could experience. I was hungry but couldn’t hold anything down. I wanted to stand but had no balance. I would walk but walk sideways. Gosh how embarrassing that was.

I called my parents to ask for their help. I had two daughters at the time who needed my care but I couldn’t do it. No matter how hard I pushed myself and tried, I couldn’t. I felt as if my eyeballs were about to pop out. My head felt ten times bigger than it normally is. My feet felt so wobbly and my legs felt like they were out of shape. As I received their help, my dad ended up taking me to the doctor which then we were sent to a ENT. That is where he told me about vertigo.

Wait what? How did I get it? What in the world is it? Can it stop? Why is this happening? I’ve never had it before why now?

So many thoughts and questions flooded, sorry doctor but I needed and wanted answers. Although he did answer, it just wasn’t the answer I wanted to hear. “Its still unknown nobody knows really how or why or what the cause is but I can prescribe you something to help you feel better in the meantime.” I did not want to hear that I wanted it gone completely. I wanted nothing to do with this again. Its the ugliest feeling and can last about two weeks!

I went home, rested and slept almost the whole weekend. I couldn’t help but wonder what vertigo is. And how to not let it happen to me again. So I began my research. I surely didn’t want this feeling again… than it came down to one simple word. Imbalance. Had I not been in that accident before, I probably would have been fine, who knows. But for now I have to be careful at what I do, what I eat and how quickly I react to things. Vertigo has a lot to do with imbalance. Its a everyday kind of thing, one day at a time. But what I have found helpful for me was taking Ningxia Red daily. Ningxia Red is a nutritious drink that pretty much floods your body with all it needs. Its a high antioxidant drink, with wolf berry puree, and young livings essential oils. It has helped me feel better and have the natural energy I need. But more importantly it has helped my body feel and be balanced.

Just a shot (2 oz – 4oz) a day makes a whole lot of difference. Today I noticed, why am I feeling some of the signs of vertigo? Its been a couple of years since I have. Then I realized for about 6 days straight, I hadn’t drank my Ningxia or drank my glass of lemon water. How does that happen? I have had so much going on lately that it slipped my mind. So today, I am resting, relaxing, taking things easily and treating my body the way it should be treated. See its all in our choices of what we make. We can make the choice and ignore the signs or we can take action.

We can either make the good choices or we can make the choices in which later we wish we could’ve made the right choices. Today I am paying for it. For not taking care of my body the way that I should have but theres grace. Grace to give myself and to help me extend that grace to others who go through the same thing. Life ya’ll. Its life. Life happens. We get caught up in our agenda, to-do lists, appointments, events, work life, house chores, kids school activities we tend to forget about other things too. Im brushing all that to the side and giving myself grace and learning from my mistakes.

Living with vertigo isn’t fun. Its quite ugly in fact but to know there is something out there that has helped me feel more free and better in my health is a great way of living life. Another great natural product I found helpful is young livings essential oils. Lavender & Helichrysum. These have made a huge impact along with ginger. Although I don’t like the smell of it, its helped me get through rough days.

What I found helpful has helped me all through the years. But when I miss a day, or days, or put more on my agenda (on my plate) than I should have, this is what happens. My health is my priority. I can’t keep going if im ignoring the signs my body cries out to me. I can’t play with my kids when im feeling drowsy or dizzy. I can’t live a full life if something is holding me back.

Friend, if you are struggling with vertigo or know someone who is, please know I know the everyday struggle. I know the feelings you feel, I know the hard times you face. I know the days you cant get out of bed and the days you just feel so out of it. I know the days you long for ahead, the days to just feel and be normal. I am praying for you friend and hoping you find the right solutions as I have! Vertigo is a day to day challenge but with a friend who understands the struggle and knows the struggle, I am here for you!

Feeling wanted in the Unwanted

Its finally a warm sunny day today with very little clouds in the sky. Don’t get me wrong, the rain and clouds were beautiful the past few days. But sometimes I want the sun out and clouds gone. My plants could surely use some sun after the beautiful rain we had.

Days seem shorter, hours seem to pass, and minutes seem to fly. September is almost over and soon the holidays will be here.

Its been a while since I wrote. Quite frankly I felt the need to write but I honestly couldn’t write on this subject. Its not something I wanted to write about. But I felt the Lord say someone needs this. Maybe not you but maybe for me, my heart. I was stuck for years. Stuck in a place of feeling wanted in the unwanted situation. Ever know how that feels like? Ever wonder if you will ever feel loved or wanted again?

I forced myself turning into someone I didn’t want to be because I wanted to be loved and accepted. I wanted to be wanted. It seemed as if roses and sunshines were all around me at that time. Everything seemed so perfect so loving. But in reality, it wasn’t. I quickly became blind and accepted whatever the cause because I wanted to be wanted. Every woman, girl, dreams of her Prince Charming who will rescue her off the tower and sweep her off her feet. To feel and be loved so deeply with all her flaws and mistakes. Who will never keep pushing her past in her face or give her ugly looks. To love her for who she is and not who they want her to be.

I was young. And blind. I have made mistakes beyond imaginable. I couldn’t live forward because I was so distraught by my past. I wanted to be loved and wanted but when you are in a place of unwanted, theres no way to be loved and wanted. You can change all you can to their fitting, to their liking, but what does it do to the inner core of you? It tears you apart. It rips your inner core leaving you asking yourself “who am I now? who have I become?”

For so long I was lost. I couldn’t find my way nor could I find the love I had been so deeply longing for. Inside my heart was ripped apart and torn. For so long I wanted nothing to do with me. I was disgusted with who I became, I was hurt by letting her down, I was torn by letting myself go. I felt like I was in this deep dark pit with no light trying to find my way but couldn’t. I longed for light. I longed to be found. I longed for love. I longed for wholeness and restoration. I was so hurt to the point that I hardened my heart and began hurting everyone I loved. I heard this saying and thought it was the weirdest thing. But now I see. It is so very true, hurt people hurt people. I had hurt the ones I loved so dearly because I was hurt by the one who I loved so deeply. Who I handed my heart to and trusted.

I kept going back and going back. Always accepting and in time getting hurt over and over, things and situations getting worse and worse over time. I wanted what I thought was best but really, it wasn’t. I tried forcing something to work when it wouldn’t. I tried changing to who they wanted so I could feel loved.

We tend to find ourselves feeling wanted. Its a piece of us inside that wants to be wanted. We long for more, we long for love, we long for wholeness. And this my friend, is where I found the wanted feeling. I could be myself. I could be real and open. I could cry ugly tears and have ugly snot coming out and still be wanted. I could express how I truly feel without being rejected or unloved and still be wanted.

When I got a taste of who He is, thats when I found wholeness. I found that I am wanted so much all I had to do was surrender myself to him and allow him to fill me and my inner core up. To restore what was broken, stolen and lost before. To show me that I cant find perfectness in someone, I can’t expect someone to fill that hole, it has to be Him and only Him. For so long I was seeking someone to help me and my brokenness. To heal my inner core. To love me, the real me. To want me without using me. To change me for the better not the worse.

Jesus was the one to help me. I take a look back and see that what I went through how I walked through the valleys high and lows. I would’ve never gotten through those valleys without him. He showed me to never look for perfectness in others because they will fail me but instead look to him and for him, he never fails me. His love never fails.

For years I lived in this place of wanting to feel wanted. Wanting to feel loved. What I didn’t realize was it was there in front of me this whole time. He wanted me as I am. He loved me for who I am. He just wanted me to come to Him. He healed my brokenness, mended my heart, broke those walls I put up blocking people from coming in, he softened my hardened heart, he removed the heart of stone, he helped me to forgive because forgiveness is who he is.

You may be in this place of wanting to feel wanted. You may feel you won’t find that place again. You may feel as if you will never have a whole mended heart. You may even feel discouraged in the place you are in. Friend, right now I want to encourage you. If he can bring me out of the deep dark pit, the place where I was so low within myself, a place where I tried seeking wholeness, a place where it was so dark and deep as if nobody was there, he surely can do that for you too. He’s a very loving sovereign God. Jesus is so perfect, so great, so kind and patient to gently nudge us towards him with every step we take. WE simply need to run to him with all we have. The good, the bad, the ugly. The messiness, the raw and the true you. The tears, the laughs, the snot, the whole shebang! He knows it all. He knows the words you want to say before you even say. He knows your heart, he knows what you long for and what you need.

Can I pray for you?

Lord, thank you. Thank you for your sovereignty. Thank you for your patience and you seeking us. In this place where we want complete wholeness, where we want light and not darkness, where we want to feel wanted in the unwanted places, I lift this person who is reading this to you and ask that you speak to their hearts. Shine your light in them and show them they are truly wanted by you. That we are loved, we are cherished, we are cared for by you! I thank you for your love, your grace, your gentleness. Continue to minister to our hearts and may you remove the blindfold on our eyes so that we may see your tender care and love.
In Jesus name,

Scripture Praying Over Your Kids

Isn’t it crazy that its back to school already? For some, some already gone back. Some are going back this or next week. Some in private school, public school and homeschool. No matter where your kids attend school its a season of newness for them. Some are afraid while some are excited. Some are nervous while some are filled with joy. No matter what age and stage of life your children are in, prayer should always be done over them.

I never knew what praying scripture was. I never understood how to do it or even what scripture to pray. Heck I would just get on my knees and pray. Which is great please don’t get that wrong. But when you pray Gods Word back to Him, something very powerful and great happens!

I know it could seem daunting, yet overwhelming even trying to think of how and what to pray, don’t let it scare you! I wanted to share a little of what and how I pray. I believe in praying over your children before school starts and everyday of their life. Of course as they grow, your prayer begins to change when you begin seeing the fruit of what you’ve been praying happen. But for now lets make it simple.

How do I know what to pray?

Thats a great question! Pray what you want to see flourish in your kids. For example, for me I want to see their character reflect Gods. I want them to forgive their enemies, I want them to love others and serve with a cheerful heart. I want them to extend grace to others even when it seems others don’t deserve it because God gives us so much grace we too need to do that to others. There’s so much. I don’t want them to be someone they are not such as praying for them to be a Hollywood star. I pray for things that truly matter, the heart. The things I want them to grow in I go to the back of my bible in the concordance and search the word. For example lets say I want to pray for them to be Graceful. I will look up that word and find the scripture along with that word.

Example: Grace. To extend grace to others just as God is merciful to us. Scripture I found I want to pray over them is; Psalm 103:8 The LORD is merciful and gracious, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love. Another one I want to pray over them is James 4:6 But he gives more grace. Therefore it says, “God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.” Now I just personalize it.
LORD, I thank you for my children, the ones you entrusted me with. As they enter this day I pray to you father they be merciful and gracious, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love just as you are. Humble their hearts before you Lord so they will not be proud or arrogant. May their character today reflect you in all that they do today in Jesus name, amen!

Praying scripture is finding what you want to pray back to God and personalizing it with your, your spouse, or even your kids like how I am showing you now. The school year can be tough. Tough for some and a breeze for others. While one of my kids isn’t to fond of going back because of the rough year she had last year, I felt the Lord saying to do a shift. Change our prayers this year and pray His Word back to Him and throughout the year we will a shift. A change. A fruit of harvest. Everyday I am praying different scriptures, different prayers over my girls. Not only because its back to school but for everyday life. I was asked this question and I want to ask you too, looking back on last school year, what is one thing you could’ve done different? Is it spending more time with your kids? Is it to build their character? To have less on your plate? See kids see LOVE as TIME. If we don’t spend TIME with them, they don’t feel loved. So maybe it could be to clear your calendar, remove some tasks for them. Pray on it and ask the Lord to reveal to you.

Here are some Key Points on what to pray over your children this year.

  • Salvation. “Lord, let salvation spring up within my children, that they may obtain the salvation that is in Christ Jesus, with eternal glory. (Isaiah 45:8, 2 Timothy 2:10)
  • Be a positive Encourager & a Forgiver. “Lord, may my children encourage one another and build each other up, just as you do father. May they be gentle and quick to forgive others, Lord, just as you have forgiven us.” (1 Thessalonians 5:11; Colossians 3:13)
  • Love. “Lord, let my children love you with all their heart, mind, and soul. Let nothing come between the love they have for you, may their love for you shine bright drawing the lost near to them so they may bring glory to you and bring others to your kingdom. May they not love in talk but in deed and in truth.” (Matthew 22:37)
  • Honesty & truthful. “May honesty and truth be their virtue Lord, may they give honest answers with grace on their lips.” (Proverbs 24:26)
  • Humble. “Lord, I pray my children be humble, may they humble themselves before the Lord so that you may exalt them.” (James 4:10)
  • Friendships. “Lord in this world we encounter, in this school year, I pray you provide great friendships. May they build beautiful friendships that stick closer than a brother. Friends who will be positive and show them to the path of life not of destruction. Remove all friends who will lead them astray. Lord, may they fear you in a healthy abounding way showing them you also are their friend. (Proverbs 18:24; Psalm 25:14)
  • Obedience. “Lord, help my children to obey their parents and elders. Help my children to obey your Word and commands knowing your Word leads to a path of life.” (Colossians 3:20; 1 John 5:2).
  • Faith. “I pray that faith will stay grounded and rooted in their hearts. That my children will have faith as small like a grain of a mustard seed that produces greater things and can move mountains because of their strong faith.” (Matthew 17:20)
  • Courage. “Lord, bring great courage to my children. May they not fear, be discouraged or dismayed, for you are Lord, you go before them and you never leave them nor forsake them. You are the Lord their God who is with them wherever they go. Give them the courage David had when defeating Goliath.” (Joshua 1:9).
  • Wisdom. “Lord I pray my children grow in wisdom when searching and seeking you with all their heart. That when they call on you and find you, you will show them great and unsearchable things they do not know. Let them not be wise in their own eyes, help them to fear you and turn away from evil. Your wisdom they seek brings healing to their flesh and refreshments to their bones.” (Jeremiah 33:3; Proverbs 3:7-8).
  • Purity. “Create in them a pure and clean heart O Lord. Let the purity in their hearts you created in them be shown in their actions.” (Psalm 51:10).
  • Generosity. “Lord, give my children a heart that is generous. May they be willing to share and offer what they can. May they never rely on things of this earth but solely rely on the things above.” (Psalm 37:21).
  • Compassion. “Lord, please plant in compassionate hearts in my children. May they be clothed with compassion towards themselves and others.” (Colossians 3:12).
  • Servants Heart. “I pray Lord, that my children have a servants heart. Plant in them to serve others not looking to be served for even Jesus came to this earth not to be served but to serve. As they serve, may they serve with a cheerful heart and as they serve Lord you will look down upon them and say ‘well done my good and faithful servant.’ Help them to serve even with the little they have whatever it may be.” (Matthew 25:21; 20:28).
  • Ability and Willingness to Work. “Teach my children, Lord, to value work as if they are working for you Lord and not for man.” (Colossians 3:23).
  • Hunger. “Lord when days are upon them and they are walking through a desert, satisfy them Lord with your streams of water, the bread of life, bless them when they are hungry and thirst for you. May you satisfy their thirst and hunger, and as they hunger may they search you with an open willing heart.” (Matthew 5:6).
  • Grumbling. “Lord, give my children a willing spirit and not a grumbling spirit. May they do all things without grumbling.” (Philippians 2:14).

I have quite a few more I pray over them but I firmly believe its what you want to pray over your children. Feel free to rewrite how you’d like, or even print it out by clicking the link below.

I pray this will help you and guide you into praying over your children.

Finding Jesus in a Martha World

Have you ever walked in a desert not knowing when the next time you will see water? Or the next time you will find food? Well I haven’t actually walked in a physical desert but I can say I’ve walked in a spiritual desert. It felt much like the same as a physical desert. Hungry, thirsty, lost, dry, nothing near. Nobody near.

I remember crying out to the Lord asking, “where are you Lord? I cant hear or feel you! What have I done for you to leave me.” It was such a season of dryness for months. To say I was okay with it isn’t so true. Times came when I wanted to just give up and say I quit. But I am no quitter. I continued pressing in, continued searching and seeking God with all my heart mind and soul. It was then, when I realized what he was trying to show me.

He kept showing me the story of Mary and Martha. I’ve read it a few times and I knew about it but not actually KNOW the scenes. Or know that I was being one of them. If you don’t know about this story let me just give a quick recap. Its quite short. Its found in Luke 10:38-42 if you’d like to get your bible and seek it yourself. Jesus was coming in town and Martha welcomed him in her home. I love that part because she welcome him in. She opened her home to Jesus. So welcoming, such great hospitality. I can relate. I love opening my home to strangers, having them feel welcomed and at home. But wait, heres the other part, the one part I don’t like very much if I am being honest. I relate to this also, and maybe you do too. As Martha welcome Jesus in her home she was distracted very much by serving. Such as cleaning up the house, having everything in perfect order, maybe having the home too perfect and not quite focusing on Jesus’ presence. His living presence in the home. She allowed things, chores possibly, to distract her from what was really and truly important. JESUS.

While her sister, Mary, didn’t focus on serving, but most importantly focused on Him. Just sitting in His presence, sitting at his feet listening to His teachings. How beautiful and how wonderful to see Mary just sitting and listening. Oh how I wish I was like Mary. When I read this I felt a small sting in my heart. I had to read it once more. Ouch. How I was so much like Martha and not Mary. Although I do love a clean home, a welcoming opening home, I also get distracted with other things and not enjoying the peoples presence. Sitting at the Lords feet, hearing his teachings, is the good portion rather than the other things that can be done throughout the day.

Have you ever woke up in the early mornings to spend time with Jesus only to see your phone goes off, the doorbell somehow rings, the kids wake up searching for mommy, the coffee alarm goes off, the drapes seem uneven so its okay to fix it real quick, or “wait I see a little bit of dust let me clean it real quick than come back to Jesus.” Friend, I have been there. I have gotten distracted countless of times when trying to spend time with Jesus. It was then, that story, that touched my heart and helped me see who I was being. Please don’t get me wrong, being Martha is beautiful also. Having a gift of hospitality is wonderful but it comes to a certain point when we have to stop and enjoy the company’s presence. Especially Jesus. We live in a world where distractions will come and wipe out our peace if we allow it to. We live in a Martha world. Busyness. Distractions. To-do lists. A plate filled with things we definitely don’t need. So how can we be Mary in a Martha world? While I don’t have the exact perfect answers, I do have some that the Lord has been helping me with in hopes it can help you too.

Find a quiet sacred place. This is a very important thing to do. Finding the right quiet place for just you and the Lord is vital. We all have different places such as, closets, tables, the outdoor patio, the desk, that very comfy chair. Find your spot with no distractions. Place your things next to it such as your bible, journal, highlighter, pens, lamp if needed. Doing this will help you not have to get up to much because you forgot this or that. It will also be easier to just sit and be ready knowing you have what you need.
Remove distractions. Remove anything in that area that could get you distracted from Him. You want to spend time with him and not have to focus on, oh that laundry basket right there let me get that real quick and come back. By that time, another task will pop up, another thing and by the time you know it, its lunch time or evening time.
Get up early. I know this could be hard. Especially if you are in a season of motherhood. As a mom of 4, I found it quite hard to get up early. I wanted sleep but I also wanted to spend time with my creator. When I first started this I would get up 20 minutes before giving myself time to pour me a cup of coffee and be ready. But now, I get up about an hour and 15 minutes earlier than I had before and let me say, its so worth it. Sometimes I don’t want that precious time to end because its so precious to me. Find your time and be consistent. Don’t quit. At times when you want to go back to bed, don’t. It’ll be worth getting up and being refilled and recharged with Him.
Pray. While this may seem simple, while some may not know what to pray, simply say a small prayer if needed. Asking the Lord to reveal to you what it is that needs to be removed from your plate that is taking you away from Him. While it may be something you are having a hard time with getting away from, ask the Lord for his help. He will help! Sometimes we just have to put those things on pause for our focus to be merely on him. Pray for His welcoming presence in your area, in your home.
Journal. Write your to-do things to get them off your mind. Somehow when we spend time with Jesus our minds seem to go off, gears run, thoughts an to-do things happen to run our mind. Write them down to give you a peace of mind that you won’t forget. Than say his name, Jesus, as many times as you need to get your focus and attention back to him.
Don’t Rush. I can’t stress this enough. I know we all have things to get done and do but don’t rush. Let him fill your cup up. Let him fill your mind heart and soul. Let his peace overflow within you and his presence to sit in awe with you. Be Still my friend. Let Him recharge you. When your time is up, you will walk out of your sacred space feeling filled up and you will shine brighter than you did without him.
Knock off the things that don’t matter. We tend to put so much on our plate that we get overwhelmed. Anxious. Troubled. Much like Martha, she was troubled and anxious about getting everything ready and served she even asked Jesus, “Lord, do you not care that my sister has left me to serve alone? Tell her to help me.” But the Lord answered her, “Martha, Martha, you are anxious and troubled about many things, but one thing is necessary. Mary has chosen the good portion, which will not be taken away from her.”

Living in a Martha world where theres so much going on, so much to do, focusing on other things rather than Jesus, we have to stop and eliminate the things that doesn’t matter. Mary just wanted to sit at his feet and listen to his teachings while Martha cared about serving, and probably house chores and to-do things while being anxious and troubled. Lets not let those things distract us from the living water. From the one who can truly give us what we NEED. The other things will be there. They won’t be going anywhere. Whats important is getting to spend time with our Lord and Savior who wants a relationship with you. A time for just you and Him not other things.

While walking in the desert might seem raw, cruel, and helpless… it isn’t. Its a sacred place. A place he calls you out to to seek him continually. A place of faith and trust. A place where he will call and equip you. Where he will fill you up, remove what he doesn’t want in you, grow you into the person he wants you to be. But first, chase after him. Never quit, never stop seeking him. He is faithful, he is loving, he is a God of His Word.

Never be ashamed or afraid to RESET. Walking away from distractions is always great and focusing on just his presence and you is the best thing you can do for your soul to refresh. Reset today friend, whatever your reset may look like. Be Mary in this Martha world, never losing sight of His presence because of the many distractions and to-do lists.

The Bibles I Use

Hello there! It’s been a while since I have wrote on my blog. So much has been going on with my family and with the Lord that I had to take a break from a few things. I am finally feeling refreshed and ready for this new year. How about you?

I get asked quite often of which bible I use or prefer. Although I have many bibles I use for different occasions and reasons, I thought it would be a great help to write a blog of which ones I use and why I love them. Whether you are new to faith and want to begin the Bible or even if you have been in the Word for quite some time, any of these bibles are great for anyone, just not intended for children. I recommend looking in the children’s section for them. I will begin with the very top and work my way to the bottom. Saving the best for last.

This bible was my second bible I’ve owned. My first one was this exact one except when my dog got a hold of it, he shredded it into pieces. Oh lesson learned. You know that saying “my dog ate my homework?” well this is “My dog ate my bible, literally.” So my uncle bought me this bible for my birthday as I was just getting into the Word. Its a NIV perfect for those who are new into the word. The reading is easy to understand without the “thou shall not etc.” Not saying that version is bad, its great, but for me since I was new I couldn’t understand anything. I wanted something I can carry along with me, something I could understand when I read it. This is the thin line bloom collection bible. Its a simple thin bible with leather touch & red lettering when Jesus speaks. I love seeing the red letters knowing when Christ speaks. This is a perfect bible for on the go.

Next is my ESV Duo-Tone Thinline bible. I began loving the ESV version as its easy to read but more Word for Word. Its similar to my first bible except this has concordance. Meaning if you look on the back you can search verses on certain words you are searching for. This is very handy when you are feeling the need to find a verse on a certain word, or if you feel lonely you can search that word and read the verses. Its thin enough to take along with you also. I use this to take with me to church or in the car if we are traveling. Red letters are also in this bible which makes Christs’ words stand out.

I love this bible. The color is very beautiful and a hardcover linen bible. The She Reads Truth Poppy bible is easy to read filled with amazing content. It has beautifully scripture based verses along with digging deeper sections. Devotionals and Bible through the year plan.

I love the timelines that it has & the background of the book your reading to understand it a little more. What I love is the margin space I can write my thoughts, cross reference scripture or anything the Lord reveals to me about what I’m reading. This version is the CSB which was the HCSB but is now known as CSB, Christian Standard Bible. When I open this bible and see the artistic scripture, it brings the Word alive for me. One thing I do not like is Christ Words are not in red.

Another favorite bible of mine is my ESV Single Column Journaling Bible. I never had known about these until I walked into Mardel’s Christian Store and seen it was on sale. I was curious to know what it was. I sat on that chair and opened it up and seen how it was all laid out.

One thing I don’t like is the fact that it does not have Christ Words in red. But I’ve been in the Bible for quite some time, I know when He speaks. The pages took a little while to get use to since they were yellowish tone, but the fact that the spaces to journal was amazing for me. If you are on a budget like how I am, and want a journaling bible that is not hardcover, this is the best one to choose from. I have so much written in here from what the Lord has spoke to me. In the back of this bible the One Year Bible is outlined. It takes you from the Old Testament, a chapter in the psalms and takes you to the New Testament. Overall, its my favorite journaling bible.

Last but not least is my always run to bible. It is my ESV Student Study Bible. Of course it is brown leather but I recently got a cover made for it to protect the outside. I chose this bible because I wanted to go much deeper into the Word. I wanted to know more and more, I was, and still am, hungry for the Word. It has basically all the questions we ask in here. It goes much deeper and in more depth than the She Reads truth Bible. Its not so thick that I cant carry along with me.

It also has cross reference, concordance, study materials, did you know questions, glossary, attributes of God and so much more. I do a lot of bible studies, and when I do the Bible studies I make sure I have this bible near. I like to look up other verses that are similar to what I am reading and just know more of who what why and when. Its a wonderful study bible to have for a inexpensive price.

When you first begin your faith and read the word it can be a bit overwhelming. I was there. I remember getting frustrated not knowing anything. That was until I found Proverbs 31 Ministries. I have done countless of studies with them, I even have their First 5 bible app downloaded on my phone for daily devotions, daily reads, and encouragement. I also have the YouVersion app downloaded for daily plans I am need of whether its for my marriage, myself, growth, finance, hungry for the Lord, etc.

Any of these amazing bibles are great to have, it all depends on your preference. What are you looking for? What are you wanting? I recommend going to your nearest christian store, go to the Bible section, and take your time on which bible you feel is the best fit for you.
Bible Tabs are from lindsee walker’s shop. Click here for them.
Bible Cover is from @mamabooclay click here to access her shop.

I pray this encourages you to dig deeper into His Word, who’s word is alive and active, sharper than a two edge sword. I pray you find your bible that will be held so close to you, you cant wait to open it up and know more about our God.

When Brokenness Becomes Whole

As Thanksgiving approaches us, holidays are near, some of us are anxiously waiting for company to come over while many are hurting and in despair. I remember all the holiday gatherings with my family like it was yesterday. Memories that were imprinted in.

I am going to share something I NEVER shared before. I felt embarrassed to talk about this knowing at my age it put a huge hole in me saying to myself, “am I a little to old to be feeling this way.” I was at a complete loss when it happened. I remember getting angry with God. Yes I said it. I was angry and hurt at the same time. How? Why? Why us? No God. No! But I feel it needs to be shared because many are facing and feeling this.

When we go through trials the enemy will throw every single thing at you to not trust in the Lord. Oh how I wish I could’ve seen that back then but I didn’t know the Word to its fullest. I still don’t know all there is to know, but I do know 5 times more than I did. 

I remember hearing those words… a family that is now broken. A family who would do all the things together and is now no more. I broke down and cried. How could this be? What can I do to fix this? I tried everything in my power to fix it but God was showing me otherwise. He was showing me it wasn’t my job to fix but to rely on His strength. Did I listen? No. I didn’t. Instead I was letting my marriage fade because my parents marriage faded. I began to let fear creep in feeling if my parents marriage failed so will mine. Nothing lasts forever. There’s no “happily ever after.” I was so empty and hurt at a young but older age. I had to hold it together for my marriage, for my siblings, for my parents, for my children, it was all too much. I began letting my marriage fail because I didn’t want to get hurt towards the end like how I was seeing with my eyes. A broken family. I remember telling myself and God… “this is not how its suppose to be.”

For a long time I felt divided & broken. Nothing was or will be the same. But I’ve seen things, my heart is more tender instead of hard, I am more compassionate than before, and I grew stronger in my marriage. I had to let go and let God work his way in me and through me. When my parents divorced, I didn’t want anything to do with my marriage. I was afraid it would fall apart just like theirs did. I didn’t want to give it my all and than it all be stripped away from breaking my heart into shattered pieces. I had to hand that fear over, those feelings I felt over, and allow God to transform my thinking with His Word. I had to hand over the emptiness, the brokenness, so He can begin making me whole. He showed me how to be a wife after Gods own heart A daughter after His heart. He helped me grow in areas I needed growth in. He showed me my weaknesses and strengths so I can work on those instead of running away from them. 

I was afraid to show how it hurt me because I was already married with two kids, what kind of person hurts at that age when the parents are no longer one? What kind of person cries and cries of hurt feeling she has to “choose” a parent for the holidays feeling one is left out and negated? I mean people laugh at those kind of people right? Thats what I thought. I thought I needed to be tough! You know like The Rock. That is Dwayne Johnson by the way in case you don’t know! I thought I needed to be tough, like it didn’t bother me. But boy it bothered the heck out of me. It hurt me deep down to my core! 

I finally cried out to God asking for His grace, asking for help in this and His forgiveness for me ignoring and trying to do it my way! Crying out to heal my brokenness and fix my stubbornness. 

Applying Gratitude EO (essential oil) to help soothe my mind while bringing relief and relaxation to my body. My mind and heart can be opened to receive the gifts that He is giving me each day. I am grateful for each day he has given me.

Once I allowed Him to fully take control, I began working on my marriage wanting to do and be better. I wanted my marriage to be protected with the Armor of God. In order for me to have that, I had to let Him work in me and through me for myself and marriage. I wanted my marriage to reflect Him & for my children to see that marriage truly is a beautiful gift even with little complications. My marriage began prospering and flourishing once I fully submitted myself to Him. 

Marriage isn’t easy. It isn’t a quick fix. It isn’t a overnight kind of deal. Its years of tears, laughter, prayer, struggles, trials, smiles, kisses, all the things. But with Christ first and center of your marriage, it truly is beautiful & peaceful. 

Though the holidays may never be the same, I am okay with it. Those memories I hold onto and cherish them. New memories can now be made. I am grateful for new mercies, new blessings and new days ahead. 

Whatever your facing, whatever your are going through, trust in the Lord with all your heart. Allow His peace to overflow within you. Let Him transform your mind and heart. Brokenness isn’t a bad thing friend. Just don’t stay stuck there, let Him work in and through you to help make you whole! Reach out to a friend to confide in, someone you trust. Seek out counsel if needed. Apply essential oils and pray to help overcome your emotions. Praying for you friend as the holidays are upon us.

A Lesson in Disguise

Yesterday was the last day to do the October Christian Virtue Challenge. It was a day to choose of your own virtue. I didn’t know what to search for but you know what? I prayed and asked what I needed. He showed me pretty quickly.

maple-starfish-autumn-tree-sunset-golden-hour-kew-gardens-karolina-koziel-photographySee the other day my oldest had came home from school sad and upset. I saw it in her face when she was walking to the car. I knew something was wrong. A momma knows. She somehow feels it with their children. As she got in the car she mentioned how making new friends is not easy at her age. I honestly remember that age and its hard. She named one of them she is having a hard time with. My heart ached for her. It hurts to see your children hurt. Sometimes I wish I can bubble them up and not let them hurt or go through storms but thats not the case. It is impossible. We have to pray for their armor to be put on and help them put it on. God is showing me is it’s okay for them to hurt a little, it’s shaping them and growing them into who they need to be. 

Each of my children have a beautiful heart and I’m not just saying that because I’m their mom, no! I’m saying it because it’s the truth. When we sat down and just enjoyed each other’s conversations and how our day went, my daughter began telling me she needed to “talk.” My heart pounded and raced…. whats a mom to think when the kids say those words! She mentioned how this friend of hers was nice at first but now not so nice. 

A girl who helped her on the first day of school showing her around, you know, being a good friend. Very friendly. Until later that week she didn’t seem so nice. When my daughter mentioned “she’s nice but not nice mom. She told me she just didn’t like me with no reason at all I don’t know why.” I didn’t know what to say. I paused and in my head prayed for wise words to be given. I have to stop myself because if not, I could spit words out that are not fruitful not helping the situation but making it worse. So I stayed quiet and listened and she opened up.

Tears wanted to fall down my cheeks but I held them in. Earlier that morning we had a lesson in the VeggieTales. We learned “talk less listen more” so I didn’t say a word, I simply listened.

I mentioned to her that no matter what, Jesus is our BFF! Always is and always will be. I told her “maybe you need to step away for a little while, still be kind and love her but also pray for her.” She asked me why love her when she’s mean still. I then showed her this verse, Matthew 5:44. Even when others are mean to us, we still be kind, smile, love them, and pray for them. Not ugly praying wishing bad or praying with a ugly heart (you say out loud nice things but your heart and mind say different) but a heart that truly wants good for them… I also told her God doesn’t love her more than the other girl nor does he love the other girl more than her. Even IF she is mean. She was shocked on that part. But understood after I broke it down a little for her. 

I had to show her that it’s okay to cry and it’s okay to hurt because even I do it but let’s move forward, let’s pray and let’s try again tomorrow. She smiled and said okay I will. 

Do you know how tough it is to be a girl mom or a mom at that? It’s tough hearing your kids tell you these things. It makes you want to go and fix it yourself but you can’t. I can’t!! I can’t fix everything and neither can she, but God can! God can heal, he can mend, he can restore and also guide! He IS that good of a father! 

We have to be quick to listen slow to speak and slow to anger. And that’s what I am trying to teach her. To not lower herself to that level but instead be higher up, help her up also and trust that God has a divine plan for everything. 


Than this began. Yesterday when he showed me this word… reconciliation. I never heard of that word. Nor did I know what it meant. I put the word to the side and stayed quiet in my prayer asking “Lord i’m listening, what are you wanting to show or teach me today.” Again, the word came. So I opened my bible and found verses for reconciliation. So I used this for the last day of the October Challenge I was doing.  Let me say this, it was such a good of a lesson that I had to write quite a bit. The picture above is just two pages. It was a deep meaningful teaching he taught me that morning. A morning I didn’t want to end.

Its funny how I was teaching my child about helping her friend, restore the friendship, bring peace to it and reunite when God was showing this for me too!

When Adam and Eve disobeyed God by eating the fruit from the tree it broke the covenant, the peace we had with God. It needed some serious mending. It needed harmony, peace, restoration and RECONCILIATION. Being reconciled is being mended back into relationship and JESUS did that for us. Because of the fall at the beginning God sent Jesus. He came to this earth to be the atoning sacrifice, him dying on that cross for our sins and to be reconciled back to our Father. Restoring that relationship between You and I and the Father. (Romans 5:10) (2 Corinthians 5:18-19).

Not only shall we be reconciled with our family & friends but with God out Father. So what does it mean to be reconciled? It means to be reunited with someone from whom one has been alienated (to feel isolated, estranged, cut off). Sin leads to alienation from God, but through Christ we can be forgiven and reconciled to God. (Matthew 5:20). Its a wonderful invitation to the gospel.

He was teaching me reconciliation, truly is in fact, important. Not only did my oldest need some wise words and guidance but I did also. And the Lord did just that. Be quick to forgive with no holding of grudge or bitterness of any kind. Make peace with the other person, pray for them (pray for your enemies). This is a great way to produce and grow in the fruit of the Spirit. Not only was I teaching my oldest with her situation with her friend but God was using her situation to teach me too! Teaching me to be quick to forgive the one who hurt me a thousand times over and over, to make peace with the past I had and move forward with what He has coming for me.

Forgiveness can lead to restored fellowship.

I don’t want my children growing up holding grudges and it producing bitterness. I want them to be quick to forgive, slow to anger, and slow to speak. Pray for their enemies and know that Our Father is always there for us. Even in these situations we face. But it first starts with us. This was a lesson in disguise for me. I never saw it coming. But he showed me what I needed work on and He will show you too, we just have to be obedient enough to ask, listen, be ready when He speaks and pursue Him wholeheartedly.

Oh father, thank you for your lesson that seemed to hit me hard! Thank you for showing me quickly what I needed to know learn and grow in. I haven’t been quick to forgive, I had been prolonging forgiveness for so long it ate me alive. It planted bitterness and anger within me. I thank you for removing bitterness and replacing it with your love and removing my anger and giving me your peace! I am no longer a victim but I am a child of God who is growing and wanting to be more like you! Thank you for showing me and teaching me so that I may teach my children. Just as you said, teach your children in the way they should go and when they are old they will not depart from it. Help me to continue to search your heart, Lord, and nothing else. Continue to work in me and reveal to me areas I need work on. Thank you for hard lessons, the not so hard lessons, and even the lessons you teach me through my children. I praise your name for you are good in all circumstances.
In Jesus name, amen.

If you are in need of prayer, feel free to reach out to me. I’d be glad to pray for you. After all, we are all in need of prayer.

It Feels Like Fall

IMG_2420Fall weather, boots and jeans, scarfs and pumpkin spice lattes are now out. I love the cooler weather, the boots and jeans, the blanket scarfs and you know what? I even like the pumpkin spice lattes every once in a while. I don’t like them everyday, or every week, just every now and than.

We have yet gone to the pumpkin patch, its been so wet out with all the rain we can’t really do much. My girls are excited to pick out some pumpkins, decorate them, carve them and this year we are going to try and make some cinnamon pumpkin bread!

Are you a fan of bread? I never used to enjoy baking but when I became a mom, well I learned and it began growing on me. I never made a pumpkin bread, nor pumpkin pie or anything with pumpkin so we are a bit excited to bake something and try it out this year. Did you know you could also cook with essential oils? Well young livings essential oils you so can! We love cooking with them adding some yummy flavors all while getting the great benefits from them. My absolute favorite to bake is peppermint brownies. Just add 2 drops of young livings peppermint essential oil to the brownie batter, mix, than bake away! Yum Yum! My family’s request every Christmas, it began to be a tradition for our family.

As I sit here next to my little one’s watching them sleep, you know my toddler and my now 7 week old, I cant help but think of more new little traditions for the family. All the exciting things we do together as a family, new memories, new games we come up with.. fall is my absolute favorite of all the seasons. Actually never mind, I love all the seasons except summer! Gosh how I dislike summer its too darn hot. Especially here in Texas, its more like a scorching kind of hot ha!

With fall here, seasons changing, sicknesses arise, friend I cant help but wonder if you have joined on this oil band wagon too. It sure has done some amazing things for my family this is why I share quite a bit because I want everyone to know it can help you too. If you haven’t read our story, here over there now by clicking here. They helped us in so many areas of our life, from supporting the respiratory, even this mamas emotions because yall that mama depression those baby blues the feeling alone is all so real! Don’t ever feel ashamed or embarrassed when your needing help. Reach out for help. I’d be happy to pray for you and even listen. I have walked through so many storms its unbelievable but I believe the Lord taught me a lot in those and with those storms I passed through I can now help those who went through what I did. They even helped my husband by supporting his muscular areas the discomfort he had with his MS (multiple sclerosis, praise the LORD he hadn’t had any discomfort in 2 years thank you Jesus!), also with my kids to help focus during school and tests also, its helped the sleep part, I mean I can go on and on about how wonderful they have been to us!

Have you ever felt afraid to join something feeling you will be stuck? Alone? Unsure? Feeling what even to do next? Shoot, I so remember those feelings. I felt, dang I won’t know what to do when I get them. I won’t know how to apply or what to apply. Who do I turn to? What do I do? I don’t want to be alone in this I need help! How will I know about these? Etc….

Friend, I am here to tell you I walk with you every step of the way. Unless of course you say “nah I don’t need help.” But of course, you get plugged into our Facebook Private Groups where tons of families from all over the world are gathered and share their testimonies, share their experiences, and even teach classes more in depth for these babies. I send you a wonderful packet in the mail to help get you started! I call it “happy mail.” Who doesn’t love happy mail right?

Now. Now is the perfect time to begin before winter hits. Before sicknesses arise. Before it hits your home. Now. Not later. Not tomorrow. Now. If we say later, next week, next month, those times will pass by and by the time you know it a year or two years passed and you still haven’t began. Heart breaking (tear). Now is the time to get you and your family onto a better health & wellness journey. Shoot you don’t even have to give up your coffee because this mama needs her coffee every. single. day. If you’d like to know more about these essential oils, head on over here. You will learn more about them, know the best way to get started and even read some of the FAQ’s. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions, id be more than happy to help.

3 Drops Orange, 2 Drops Cassia, 2 Drops Frankincense

All while saying that, i’m hearing it pour rain once again. Sometimes I wish it would stop but than again my plants and grass are loving God’s water. Even if I get tired of seeing wet streets, my pants dragging wet (because hey i’m short!), its still wonderful hearing the sound of rain. We have a lovely fall diffuser blend going on in the room right now. Not only does it smell lovely, but its also boosting out immune system and helping our emotions get on track!

I hope you enjoy this lovely fall blend as much as I am.


Even In The Messiness Of MomLife His Grace Is Great

As I sit outside looking at this view, I can’t help but think to myself how far I have come. How the Lord brought me from brokenness and darkness and into His marvelous light.

I’m drinking my cup of coffee, because this mama needs her coffee, and enjoying the beautiful weather outside enjoying this beautiful view. This gorgeous view that seems to speak life to me.


Do you ever sit in quietness, in stillness and think back on how far you have came? I know its hard for me to sit still with a newborn, toddler, 5 and 9 year old but when I do sit still I cant help but speak to God and just thank him for what he has done. Sometimes I don’t even say a word because I have no words. I just need his presence and peace.

Yesterday I cried out to the Lord asking for His strength and His helping hand in the season I am in. A season of not able to find the “perfect” time to be with him. My life is a little messy right now. The #MomLife kind of messy you know, hair not fixed or washed in 2 days, newborn spit up on my shirt, leggings twice in a row, newborn wanting to nurse and feel my warmth, my toddler clinging to one leg, another child desperately wanting my attention and the other child feeling lonely because I attend to everyone but mainly the new baby. I cried feeling helpless in this season. I felt like a total failure knowing I would get up early around 5:30 am just to read the Bible and pray. Now, not so much. Sleep is desperately calling my name. I’m running late to everything. I drop my kids off in my pajamas because I hit the snooze button too many times. (I cant help it, I nurse a baby almost all night it seems). I cried to him asking for help, for the right time and for this season to quickly pass.

He said otherwise. There is no “perfect place to sit with me, sit where you are and let my presence be known to you. Don’t worry about tomorrow he said. Enjoy today, the day he has given me and granted me.”

34 “So don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today’s trouble is enough for today.
Matthew 6:34 (NLT) 

I may want this season to quickly pass but I shouldn’t. I need to enjoy and embrace every moment, every minute I can with Him and my family. Even in the crazy chaos moments, still don’t wish for tomorrow to come when today has been a gift given.

I have seen there is no “perfect” timing in seasons like this. He knows the season I am in, the trials, the chaos, even the messiness of life I face on a daily basis. He is totally okay with me sitting with him for 5 minutes rather then no time. There is no perfect coffee cup, clean table, picture perfect area for me to sit with Him. He doesn’t care what cup I grab for my coffee, He doesn’t care if I sit in bed or on the messy table with laundry piled on it, He doesn’t care if I am dressed or still in my pajamas. What He cares about is ME. Me spending time with Him anytime of the day. Yes having Him first in the morning is the best time, but He knows the situation I currently am in and He’s okay with it. He extends His grace to me, holds my hand in this messy mom life and wipes my tears. He doesn’t love me less because of how I look, or how my area with Him isn’t “perfect” and He won’t love me more for having a “perfect” area. His love is so high, so wide and deep that there is nothing I can do to make Him love me any more or any less.

For a few weeks I haven’t been able to spend the time I wanted with Him. I felt like I was being pushed away from Him and began getting further and further. I longed for Him but chaos would happen. I sat beside my bed a few nights ago, I fell down to my knees and just cried. Not a word came out of my mouth, just tears. Friend, His grace just lavished over me. His grace can lavish over you too!

But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.
2 Corinthians 12:9

His grace is sufficient for us moms. For us all. Even in the tiresome days, even in the chaos, messiness, sticky handprints, crying and moody kind of days.

28 “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. 29 Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. 30 For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”
Matthew 11:28-30 (NIV) 

One day at a time friend, one day at a time. Even if we spend 5 minutes or an hour, we have one Happy Father in Heaven thats kneeling down with us. Never leaving our side.

I pray for you today dear mom, in the season you face, the days that seem long, the nights that you get no rest or sleep. I pray for you today mama!

Father, we thank you for your grace because it is sufficient for us. Your power is made perfect in our weakness. We thank you for your grace that you lavish on us knowing that seasons we all face. Many of us face similar seasons and some very different. I pray over these moms that you lavish your grace over them today. Let them experience your grace like never before. Give them rest Lord, for all us mamas who are weary and heavy laden. You are gentle and humble at heart and I know you can give us rest in our souls that we desperately need. I thank you for the season we are in, even when we feel it will never end, help us to open up our eyes and see this day you gave us a blessing from you! Thank you for your grace, your love and you hearing our prayers. In Jesus name, amen!   


No Perfect Mom.. A Imperfect Mom

IMG_2027It was a pretty and beautiful Tuesday morning. My girls woke up in such lovely moods, got ready for school faster than any other day, the feeding time (nursing a newborn) seemed to be on track, breakfast was made and so was their hair. Everything seemed great.. for the first few hours.

In case you haven’t noticed, I had been MIA lately only because we had our precious baby girl. Sunday she will be 4 weeks, wow! How time flew by. But she made her arrival and we are truly blessed to have her complete our family. Trying to get on a new routine, trying to get this whole “mommy of 4” thing down and it still isn’t quite there.

I also had been MIA not only because our baby made her appearance but because we sold our house and are in a new transition… moving into our new house. Yes!! I know how does that happen right after you have a baby?! Well let me say something real quick… we didn’t do this, God did!

I remember telling my husband & God I did not want to move after having a baby again because that was horrible last time. Well God thought that was funny apparently because now its happening again. I am VERY grateful for this door & opportunity the Lord opened for my family. He clearly opened it because we didn’t even plan this whatsoever! He is so good! So so good! As I sit here I can’t help but remember all the memories we had in our home. The laughs. The cries. The screams. The good and bad days. Our first home we ever purchased as a family yet it’s so sad to let it go. I began to tell God “I feel mixed feelings, I’m excited yet sad to let go. Excited to move forward, yet sad to leave this behind.” 

From what He said to me is “You can make your plans, but I, the LORD determine your steps. Cling to me not the things of this world. Place your Trust in me. I have greater things for you then you have for yourself.” 

We didn’t plan a move, he happened to lay it on our laps. From Day 1 of listing our home up, within 2 hours of listing it we had 7 showings booked that day back to back and 3 offers immediately. In just one day it went from “our home” to pending. That quick! The home the Lord placed for us had been on the market for quite some time. Our realtor told us “I believe our good Lord has this home waiting for y’all I feel it. I see a halo around this home that was waiting just for y’all.” Then our offer was accepted! I cried. I fell to my knees. Is this real?! Someone pinch me now! Seriously!!! Gods miracles are great! He is wonderful! And his plans… well…. sometimes he will show us a little what he has planned for us, sometimes we get a quick glimpse and sometimes we don’t see anything, but he knows what’s good for us we simply have to T R U S T His will for us. 

Trust in the Lord with all your heart. 

Trust that His plans for you are for your good and His glory. 

Trust that he prepared a way for you. 

Trust that His plans are FAR more better than the plans you have for yourself. 

Trust that He is with you even through deep waters.

Trust that He cares for you.

Trust that whatever your facing, the giant that seems so big and impossible to slay, it can and will be beat because our God is mightier 🙌🏼

Trust in Him through all circumstances you face.

Sometimes it can go smoothly and sometimes it can be rocky. But no matter what, always believe and trust that He is right with you, His right hand holding your right hand! Imagine that! 

Now that you know that part, heres the real deal. I struggle. I struggle to be the “perfect” mom. I try to have my house in order, all nice and tidy, I try to have laundry caught up, I try have the perfect outfits picked out, I try to do it ALL. And because I try to do it all, try to be the “perfect mom” I totally lost it. Everything seemed so well, a little too well actually. Then my day just seemed ruined, out of my control. My potty trained child decides to not use the potty at all in her seat. And having to attend to a newborn who wants to nurse every hour and a half AND having to pack our house… I felt overwhelmed. It was time to pick up my other two girls and by that time my mood wasn’t in line. I was already upset with my two year old and with me not getting anything done in the house… My other two girls didn’t get my good mood like they deserved.

After all, it was a hard day. Mommy’s have hard days too. Still I shouldn’t of acted in such a way or had a mood that didn’t want to do anything but cry. And cry I did. It got so overwhelming, not just packing but having to do everything “perfectly.” I prayed and asked for His guidance, help, reassurance, and for His Words to comfort my weary self. I was so weary! But he comforted me in this passage this morning. What a wonderful Father He is.

Mama’s, I want to let you in on a little something. We, by no means, are perfect! And if we continue to pressure ourselves to being perfect we will miss all the small little memories. The small details that will be big one day, we will end up missing because we are too busy trying to be the “perfect” mom. Yes, there is always room for improvement, I mean we can all improve in all areas of our life whether its our job, marriage, mom role, sister role, whatever it is we can improve but don’t pressure yourself to being perfect. Only one man walked this earth that was perfect and his name is JESUS.

I know one thing is for certain, we will drain ourselves and wear ourselves out trying to be that perfect mom. Moms, our children don’t need a perfect mom, or even a Pinterest mom, they need THEIR mom that God created and gave them to sit with them in their presence and just enjoy the laughs, giggles and jokes they tell (even if we don’t get the jokes).

Moms, lets just not pretend we have it all together. Lets be real with one another. Lets be a helping hand to other moms who need our help or even words of encouragement. Be a mom of prayer, because we all need a mom who can pray for us! Its time we stop pretending and be who God made us to be.