Bonus Day Fighting Your Giant

BONUS DAY – Fighting Your Giant

Walking your way into freedom free from fear

My girls use to love watching Wizard of Oz. And so did I. I loved the tin man, he wanted a heart. But the lion, he wanted courage. He had no courage, because all he had was fear. Fear that held him captive. A lion. Isn’t that crazy for a lion to fear? I mean, a vicious, mean, loud roaring lion who is fearful of all things? Well not really, I mean thats where you and I were too. Fearful of all things. Psalm 46 tells us God is our refuge, our ever present help in trouble. Even though we go through tribulations here on earth, we have this reassuring promise that He is there with us, he will never leave us nor forsake us. Hold onto this promise dear friend, and remember to let go of fear. Lets walk in freedom today and have us filled with courage that He gives to us.

Question: Do you see yourself as the lion on the outside but deep inside your in fear of everything?

What makes you not want to give up fear?

Even though we may not know what the future may look like, we can always rely on our Father and trust in him because we know who holds our future. I pray this devotional/study will break fear and bring peace into you now in Jesus name. Remember always cling onto his promises. Hold tight to him today and His Word. If fear tries to creep back up (because it will) fight it back and repeat Gods Word. You are mighty and strong with Christ in you! We may not know what the future holds, but we do know who holds our future!