Day 3 Fear Not Devotional

21617796_783696271791444_6927340907522555671_nDay 3- Running From Fear

Stopping yourself from running away


We all runaway at one point from our situations. We feel instead of facing them head on, running away would be much simpler. Am I right? I can tell you one day I finally snapped out of it. I kept running away from my past. I quickly moved city to city trying avoid who I use to be. I ran away from my old self but never facing it and moving forward. Running away causes more conflict and more problems to occur.
Have you thought of a time you ran away from something you were afraid of? Maybe it was a graded paper that had the lowest score and you decided to sign for your mom because you couldn’t show her what that grade was. Maybe you runaway from God, not wanting to pray, because you feel you let him down to much and he doesn’t want to hear from you so you avoid it… continuously. Maybe you runaway from your past because your in shame and in guilt. Friend, stop right there. Hiding and running away is not a great thing to do. Yes we do wrong. Yes we fail. But never hide. Hide and seek is a great game to play as a child, but as an adult we cant hide from God. In Genesis Adam and Eve both hid from each other because they seen they were naked. They hid from God knowing they were naked and didn’t want to be seen. Hiding is covering up. Running Away is avoiding what you have done to ignore and try to move forward like nothing happened. Friend, lets face our fear today head on!

Reflect: Pray over what your running from. Pray for strength, courage and his truth to be placed into you today.

Verse: Read Genesis 3. Joshua 1:9.

Question: What is making you run away? Hide in shame and guilt? What can you do today to face this fear head on?