Day 4 Fear Not

21617796_783696271791444_6927340907522555671_nDay 4- No More Hide and Seek

Finding the opposite of fear

When your a kid, hide and seek was probably the game you played the most. I remember living out in the country my brother, sister and myself had made this clubhouse out of tumble weeds. I mean, when you live out in the country you see some crazy tumbleweeds, if you live in West Texas of course. It was so fun making that our hiding spot. We would laugh, pack our little snacks and take them in there, we would also find some critters like horned toads. Oh those were fun to catch! Hiding in the tumble weeds was silly but as kids we made it into a clubhouse. Hide and seek is fun when played with other kids. I remember when all my cousins would come over, we couldn’t wait to play. Since we lived out in the country and had huge open land with no city lights it would get dark. I loved hiding but I didn’t like seeking. It was scary seeking in the dark with no lights not sure what your going to hit. When we would find someone we would tag them and say “I found you.”

As adults, we tend to hide from Our Father. We have this guilt and shame that we carry. Thinking he doesn’t want anything to do with us because of the wrong we’ve done, so we become fearful in seeking the Lord. All these thoughts we think like, “oh god doesn’t love me because of what I’ve done or said.” Or something like “God wont accept me into his family im not capable to fit in look at my flaws.” But the very thing is… we are wrong. God wants you right where you are. He wants you right smack in the middle of the chaos. Even with that fear. He wants your fear so he can give you courage and strength. Maybe you are speechless when trying to put words together. Friend, its okay. He knows your heart, he knows what you want to say before we even say it.

Fear is the enemy. Fear is something that overtakes our joy and peace. Why do you fear so much friend? Why do you runaway from fear and not face your fear?

Pray for strength and courage. Pray for fear to leave in Jesus name.


Reflect: Read the story of Adam and Eve Genesis 2:4-3:24. Let him speak to you and reveal to you something new of this story. Now what did he show you? Guilt and shame were there too, they hid their sin. They “covered” themselves in leaves and hid from God, afraid. What do you think may happen if Eve never fell for the serpents trap?

Search back on why you hide from God. Why do you feel guilt and shame?

Lord I release this person who is doing this devotional freedom in Jesus name. I lift this person to have strength and courage that you promise in your word, to break free from shame and guilt, there is no condemnation in Christ Jesus and Lord you are true to your word. The enemy can no longer hold us captive, we are free in Christ Jesus.

Verses: Psalm 31:24, 2 Corinthians 3:17, Galatians 5:1, Romans 8:1