Day 5 Fear Not

21617796_783696271791444_6927340907522555671_nDay 5 – Fear Robs

Stopping fear from stealing your joy peace and sleep

Fear robs. It robs your joy, your peace, your comfort. Have you ever slept at night and just couldn’t sleep because you were in fear of robbers, or maybe the trees scraping on the windows? See the enemy comes to kill steal and destroy (John10:10) all he can. And he will if we let him. We have to put on the full Armor of God (Ephesians 6:10-20) so that we can stand against the devils schemes. He has a plan, a plan to attack you at your weakest places and that is fear. We are given so much joy, but when we allow fear to stay with us we are allowing joy to flee and fear to stay. I don’t know about you but I want joy, not any of this fear stuff. How can I let fear go if thats all I know? Friend, I know. I deeply know what you feel. I held onto fear for so long because thats all I knew. I didn’t know how to react when it was gone. We have to surrender ourselves to the Lord and summit ourselves to the Lord.


Fear stole my joy, my peace, my trust in God, it stole my relationships I had in the past, it stole my identity. Today is short but I want you to really focus on what fear is stealing you from. I want you to begin shifting your mind towards the one true promises and thats His Word. His Word never fails.

Reflect: Pray for hearts to open, fear to flee, joy to be restored and for your ears to be clean so that you may hear his word speak to you.

Verses: Have you heard the story of Esau and Jacob? Head on over to Genesis 27 and read from vs 1-45.
When you read that now read Genesis 32:1-12. Jacob prepares to meet Esau. Now read verse 33:1-4

Questions: Who was the one who made Jacob lie to his father, Isaac? What lies are being told to you today?

Who stole the blessing that Isaac was going to give his son?
The enemy tries to steal those blessings from you also, such as joy, peace and comfort. Don’t let him take those away from you stand firm in Gods Word and declare (speak his word) over your life and fears now!

Jacob had fled from his family. He was afraid of Esaus anger towards him from stealing his blessing his father, Isaac, was going to give him. He ran away.
What makes you runaway from your fear? Why do you insist on thinking running is better than facing? Is your reputation? Is it facing your wrongs? List them down.

Verse 32 shows how afraid Jacob was to meet his brother, Esau. He was very afraid he sent men ahead of him. He felt his brother was going to attack him. How do you react when fear attacks? Do you hide? Do you send someone out first?

Verse 33 Shows Esau’s grace and mercy extend to his brother, Jacob. Gods grace is just enough to extend to you, his mercy is great and is new every morning.


(Lamentations 3:22-23). Cling onto this promise. Cling onto knowing your fear can flee in the name of Jesus because this name already conquered fear and death! Today write out your own prayer, write out a letter to fear today letting that fear know you are done with it in the name of Jesus!