Feeding Your Spirit Day 7

21617796_783696271791444_6927340907522555671_nDay 7- Feeding your Spirit

Filling your Spiritual tank

As a kid, I was never really picky about eating food. When it came to food I ate it all except one thing. Peas. I disliked peas, still to this day I don’t like the taste. As our body needs nourishments, food, vitamins and such so does our spirit. Our spirit needs some feeding from the Lord. When we sit and wait for the Lord’s presence, reading and listening to the Word, just soaking in all His goodness, our spirit tank becomes filled. How do I do that you ask? I have a busy life how can I fit it in? Well one thing is for sure, we need to take a loo out our priorities and rearrange them. God is first. Always. See I never would put him first I would wake up in the morning, check my emails and reply, I would read my texts then reply to whoever texted me. I then would check social media because I saw the notifications were buzzing up my phone. See I put the world before God and God wanted to be first, He WANTS to be first in your life. We have to be serious in putting him first. Fear tends to sneak up on us and overtake all the goodness God does IF we don’t set our priorities straight. What I did was set a alarm to get up 30 minutes before I wake the household up. I would spend 30 minutes with God, putting pandora on (Hillsong Worship) so that I can worship and praise him in the morning. I then would open up the Bible and pray something like this, “Father, show me what you want me to read and help me to understand this context. Show me what I need today to apply to myself.” And he would. He gave me verses to help overcome my fear, it would give me great courage strength and calmness. I would spend time with him 30 minutes than it gradually increased to an hour. Now its like the hour goes by so fast and I don’t want it to end, literally. Sometimes I would wake up at 2 or 3 o’clock in the morning feeling refreshed and wanting to read, and something I


will and let me say its very very refreshing and peaceful when done. But when I don’t obey (because waking up with a toddler at night happens and I get sleepy) my day isn’t so peaceful. Not saying your day will be perfect, I’m saying your day will be peaceful knowing your day was first spent with our creator. Fear takes our courage, takes our peace and calmness, it hides us. Lets first Feed our Spirit by spending time in the Word today, praying over our fear and letting go of our fear.

Pray for guidance and revealing. Pray he reveals to you what needs to be replaced with Him today.

What can you do today to set something aside to allow God First in your life? Where will you spend time with God?

Will you take this challenge and spend 15 minutes, 30 minutes or 45 minutes before waking up anyone else?

Will you turn to God first before the World? Verse: Matthew 22:37