Our Story

Oh Hi there! I’m excited you’re here and curious to why we began our oil journey! But before I begin telling my story I’d like to tell you a little something first. I became a mom at a very young age. I had no clue what to do, what to give or even how to act when the kids got sick. Panic, scream, cry, ache, hurt, run around the store trying to find the right medicine. Nobody told me how rough nights would occur. Sleepless nights, running fevers, night sweats, cries and screams and just a mom who wants to cuddle with their child trying their best to comfort them. I never knew until I became a mom…

It was early September, a cold month, when our daughter got sick. Here in Texas you won’t know how to dress because the weather changes. It can be all 4 seasons in just one day. Our middle daughter ended up very sick, she was 1 during this time. She caught RSV than ended up catching pneumonia right with it. Then once it started clearing bronchitis occurred. Once that was seeming to clear RSV came back along with ear infections.

As a mom you begin to panic, you get concerned wondering and thinking the most awful things! I think all of us moms think the worst. I can remember how I just cried and panicked hoping and praying this all soon shall pass. I took her to the Dr. and she was prescribed four different medications and was given three steroid shots (of course not all at once). Things ended up becoming worse, she wasn’t improving. We were at a loss and I began to lose hope.

I remember crying to my husband because for one, I lacked sleep, and for two I felt helpless. I knew she wasn’t herself. Her doctor told us she may need to be hospitalized if the condition worsens over night. Seeing how hard it was for her to breathe just broke my heart. The rib cage sinking in, the chest caving in, the rattling in her chest. Ya’ll just remembering this makes me want to tear because it was the worst feeling ever. Hearing those words from the doctor I really begin to panic, worry, stress, cry (more of course), just unsure of what will happen next.

It was the beginning of October when I posted on Facebook, “I just want to ask everyone to send all prayers to our youngest daughter (of course she was the youngest at the time), she has not improved and we are beginning to worry. Please pray for our Aubrey as well as us. Thank you.” As soon as I posted this, a few minutes later we got calls praying and asking what we need. But then I ended up getting a message from a friend.

As I was reading her message about her story I felt drawn. I was then asked if we can go to her house so they can pray over her & rub oils on her. I was a little unsure of what to think at that point, I didn’t believe in oils. Scratch that, I actually NEVER heard of oils. This was my crazy thought, “how can oils work if doctors gave her everything?” But as I read her story I thought for a little bit… then I felt drawn to her story and made the decision to go. We left before dinner time, it was a cold night I remember, bundling my girls in jackets and scarfs. I felt like the mom bundling the son, Randy, off of The Christmas Story. How hilarious right? Any who, we ended up at her house, we walked in and the smell, oh the smell of the pure aroma. It was wonderful. I immediately felt this load off my shoulders. I felt relaxed, like everything was going to be ok. As they were rubbing these oils on her feet, chest and throat down to neck I began to ask about them.

It was now time to go home. Not even kidding you 15 minutes later from the time we left her home my daughter was sleeping peacefully. We were pretty much shocked at how she was sleeping in her little bouncer sound asleep no mucus, no rattling, no wheezing. Imagine all the sickness that you have, body aching, lots of congestion, mucus, fever.. if us adults have a hard time imagine the children. I applied the samples of oils they gave me throughout the night.

The next morning I noticed she did not wake up once during the night. We ended up going to her doctor’s appointment, they swabbed her nose and mouth once again and was listening to her back and chest.  I still get chills remembering this, I’m actually getting chills typing this.  So the doctor came back into the room with a surprised look. She told me the tests came back clear.  Oh I was full of joy, shocked also and full of excitement. I could not believe what just happened.

We walked out the doctors office I buckled my girls in their carseat, got in the driver seat and immediately dialed my friends number. I wanted to know more, I wanted them all. From having a baby with a weakened respiratory system to a healthy strong baby I had to have Young Living. Since that day, 3.5 years ago, I’ve become a, what they call a “oiloholic.” When I got started with Young Living I noticed a huge change in our health. It has been the best decision for my family. I now share every story we have had with these essential oils to help other families into a natural wellness.

My passion is to bring that hope, who felt like there is nothing else more and bring them into wellness the natural way that our Heavenly Father created for us. See how you can get started on your journey by clicking here.

Disclaimer: I am no doctor everything I say is not intended to treat, diagnose or cure. I am simply telling our story to help bring other families into natural wellness.