What Will It Take for Me to Get Close to You?


I can’t believe we are in week 4 of the What’s it like to be married to me study! We are half way through this! I sure hope you are loving this study and writing so many great things down in this study. I know my book is all folded, pinned, highlighted, marked, sticky tabbed and all. This study really shifted things for myself and my marriage for such greater and better things. If you have fallen behind, don’t stop just continue on! Let the Lord work his way in you and through you. He knows what he is doing 🙂 Lets continue to Week 4 ladies. 

Week 4 What will it take for me to get close to you?

Day 1: Surprise! Men and Women are Different!

Memorize Genesis 2:18 and write it down in your journal

Write your description of emotional intimacy.

What are some ways (list at least 3) you can move closer to your “shoulder to shoulder” husband?

Day 2: We Both Have Gaps

Prayerfully read Ephesians 5:25-32

Do you see any conditions the wife must meet before her husband loves her sacrificially?

Do you see any conditions the husband must meet before the wife respects him unconditionally?

Day 3: A Wifes Divine Calling

How do you describe your love gap? Use at least three words

Look at Ephesians 5:33 what does it say to you? Summarize it in your own words.

Why is it hard to live out of respect as a wife to your husband?

What did you learn in your childhood family about being a “helper”?

Day 4 Fill His Gaps with Encouragement and Respect

Tell about a time when you encouraged your husband with your words.


Find a quiet place

Spend 15 minutes making a list of things you respect about your husband

When your husband is not distracted let him know you respect him. (be prepared for a pause and him to come back and ask. Have those answers ready)

Leave the room and leave the response to God

How did your husband respond?

Do you think you can respect each others needs and fill each others gaps?

Day 5  Who Will Fill My Gaps?

Read pages 109-114 “A Wife Can Set the Stage for Intimacy then ask the Lord to speak to you personally form this insight.

Pray and ask the Lord to reveal what will spell love to your husband.

Ask God to show you if a weekend away, a night out, dinner date, hiking would build emotional intimacy between you both.

Here are some Emotional Questionnaires I’d like for you and your spouse to do. Print one set pages 1-12 for you and another set for your spouse. You both rate each other in complete honesty. Be real and honest but not mean! Before handing these to each other pray over the answers, each others hearts and for this to help build each other not make one another mad. Once your both done, swap the packet and read each others responses to see where you need improvement.

Lord we thank you for this opportunity you’ve given us to strengthen our marriage but to also for us wives to grow into your Word. Thank you for your Word that corrects us when we do wrong in your eyes. Lord, you are great and wonderful in all things. You are making me a new wife giving me a new understanding on what a biblical wife is. Thank you for never letting go of me. Help me to be honest with my answers and real within myself. As we get half way done with this study minister to my heart and help me to change Lord. Change into who you want me to be. Lead me Lord, closer to you. As I do these questions, help me to be real but not mean. As ______ and I read each others responses helps us to stay calm and see what needs improvement Lord. This isn’t to tear us down but to build each other up Lord. Strengthen our marriage, give us a new heart In Jesus name.